What can I say? My name is Nikki…aka…canarygirl.  I’m a wife to my beloved hubs, Alvaro, or as I like to refer to him, my “media naranja,” (the other half of my orange) :D  and stay at home mom of 4…2 girls and 2 boys…..My home is in the Canary Islands, Spain. I am passionate about cooking, and have fun photographing the results.   Being in the kitchen is such a great stress reliever, as well as a fantastic creative outlet.  It’s fun to get in there, get your hands dirty, and create something fabulous just for everyday.  Sure, sometimes things don’t always work out the way we’ve planned, but the best thing to do is just laugh about it and start again.  Sometimes our mistakes are actually a blessing, and something wonderful becomes of them.  Other times….not so much.  Cooking keeps me from losing my mind a lot of the time….it is the closest thing I have to relaxation in my daily life, so in combination with antidepressant drugs, I am also employing the cooking therapy approach to stress relief.  I have suffered with depression forever, and while there are ebbs and flows, it’s like some sort of shadow that is always lurking around the corner. I deal with it the best way I can. Which, I’ve found, is through laughter and food. And pictures of food. And funny pictures. So yeah. That’s about it. Me.


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