Kung Pao Chicken

The other day I posted an entry for Mochachocolatarita’s Chinese Take-Out Party…(if you guys haven’t checked out her party yet, get over there!  There are tons of delicious dishes to be had!)…Of course, once the round-up was posted, my fingers couldn’t click the mouse fast enough to get to her site.  There are main dishes, rices, noodles, appies, soups and desserts.  There were a couple (ok, ok *more* than a couple!) of dishes that really caught my eye.  The Kung Pao Chicken entries were especially insistent with the powers that be within my grumbling stomach.  Kung Pao Chicken is basically chicken and peanuts, stirfried in a delicious brown sauce.  But take this simple dish and add a bunch of ginger and vegetables, and you have elevated it to something sublime.  The entries on Rita’s page inspired me to go out and make some Kung Pao, go and see what inspires you! :D

kung pao chicken


2 pounds (1 kilo) chicken breast, small dice
1/4 cup cornstarch
salt and pepper to taste
2-3 tablespoons sunflower or peanut oil
1 knob of ginger (about 1-2 inches), minced
4-5 cloves garlic, minced
1 large onion, diced
1/4 head of cabbage, chopped or sliced
1/2 yellow pepper, diced
1/2 red pepper, diced
1-2 ribs of celery, thinly sliced
other veggies at will ;)
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup rice vinegar
a good splash of sesame oil
1 tablespoon sugar (more or less to taste)
1/2 cup water or chicken broth
1 cup peanuts (more or less to taste)
2-3 thai chilis, sliced (optional)


It’s best to prep everything before you get started, so here’s what I’d recommend.
Combine the chicken, cornstarch, salt and pepper in a bowl and reserve.
Chop and mince all vegetables according to the ingredients list.
Whisk sauce ingredients (soy through broth/water) in a small bowl and reserve.
Heat oil in a larger wok over high heat.
When the oil comes to just below smoking point, add the ginger and garlic and stirfry until golden.
Add chicken and toss around until cooked through.
Add vegetables and continue to toss around until desired doneness.
Add sauce mixture and stirfry until sauce thickens.
Add peanuts and serve over steamed rice.

Pollo al estilo Kung Pao


1 kilo pechuga de pollo, en daditos
4 cucharadas de Maicena
sal y pimienta al gusto
2-3 cucharadas aceite de semilla o de cacahuete
1 pieza de jengibre (2-3 cm), picada
4-5 dientes de ajo, majados
1 cebolla grande, picada
1/4 col, picada
1/2 pimiento amarillo, troceado
1/2 pimiento rojo, troceado
1-2 tallos de apio, picado
otras verduras que te gusten ;)
1/2 vaso salsa de soja
1/2 vaso vinagre de arroz
un buen rocío de aceite de sésamo
1 cucharada de azúcar (mas o menos, al gusto)
1/2 vaso agua o caldo de pollo
1 vaso cacahuetes, mas o menos
2-3 gindillas, picadas (opcional)


Es mejor tenerlo todo listo para freir antes de empezar, así que esto es lo que recomiendo.
Mezclar el pollo con la maicena, sal y pimienta y reservar.
Picar todos las verduras según la lista de ingredientes.
Mezclar todos los ingredientes de la salsa (desde la soja hasta el agua/caldo), y reservar.
Calentar aceite en un wok sobre fuego fuerte.
Cuando llega a casi el punto de humo, sofreir jengibre y ajo hasta que estén dorados.
Añadir el pollo y saltear hasta que esté hecho.
Ahora, añadir las verduras y saltear hasta que estén en su punto.
Añadir la mezcla de la salsa y cocinar hasta que se espese un poco.
Añadir los cacahuetes y servir sobre arroz al vapor.

24 Responses to “Kung Pao Chicken”

  1. When I saw this come up on my RSS feed I had to take a break from studying to tell you how much I love Kung Pao chicken! Your rice bowl looks sooo good from here (can you tell it’s my favorite Chinese dish?). I also have a recipe up at my site (er… Just Google “manggy kung pao”). It’s very different from this recipe but I guarantee it won’t disappoint :)

  2. some of my favorite things to do:
    look at kung pao chicken.
    say “kung pao chicken.”
    eat kung pao chicken.

    very nice. :)

  3. Oh that bowl looks so beautiful. I could eat one right now. What time is dinner? Hehehe

  4. I wouldn’t mind a plate full of Kung Pao for dinner Nikki. We just have to figure how to beam me over some:D

  5. one day, i want you to put like an action figure in the middle of your dish, just to mess with us

  6. Nikki—why, why, WHY do you make such beautiful food??? And whyTF am I always looking when I’m hungry?

    Or is it that your food just *makes* me hungry? hehe!

  7. Looks great Nikki! :) Your pics, per usual are fantastic!

  8. Nikki I love this type of food (and the childs too) look wonderful really!!! xxGloria

  9. hey, i love your blog. thanks for stopping by mine.

    the thing about getting chinese in a restaurant is the massive amount of oil used in their dishes. cooking it at home, you can pull back and still have it taste so much better…

    this dish sounds wonderful.

  10. i love kung pao chicken with really good dried chilli and a deep dark gravy. it’s the best thing ever.

  11. Nothing like a bowl of spicy kung pao chicken! Good job!

  12. Ooooh! Now I’m really impressed! This looks awesome!

    You probably already know this, but your dumplings were on Slashfood the other day. I meant to tell you earlier, but I have been really swamped here and have been awol on the blogs for a few days.


  13. I love kung pao but was always intimidated. This is inspiring. It looks relatively healthy too– or at least not as unhealthy as restaurant kung pao. Yum.

  14. ADORE kung pao! Must try this. It looks amazing.

  15. Nikki- it’s beautiful. I love the Kung Pao!
    You are a beautiful cook.

  16. That looks really good. I like all of the vegetables in it and the peanuts!

  17. The only thing in this world that I like more than Kung Pao chicken is General Tso chicken but it’s a neck ‘n neck race. Tagged, making it…love the ingredients – I’m so there..gotta run…have to cut up chicken.

  18. pollo al estilo kung pao es uno de mis favoritos!! Ahora son las 3 de la mañana y su blog me ha abierto el apetito (como siempre)… ahora tengo q ir a la cocina y ver como puedo amortiguar mi hambre, jaja

  19. Hi Mark! I’ll check out your recipe! :D

    Lol Grace! Me too. :D

    Thanks, Ben! Dinner (er..lunch) is at 3pm everyday…right before siesta! :)

    Hey Val! When you figure that one out, let me know…there are several bloggers I will accost for food. LOL ;)

    Furious, you *know* I’m going to have to do that now. lmfao :D

    Elle, your food has the same effect on me! :D

    Thank you, Jenn! :)

    Gracias, Gloria! :)

    Thank you, Claudia! So true! (not only the oil, but the msg, too!) :)

    Diva, yesssss! The chilies are the most important part! lol :)

    Thank you, Maya! :)

    Thank you, Susan! I saw the pic on slashfood! How cool was that? :D

    Renaedujour, thanks so much! This really is an easy dish to make, and you’re right…healthier than the restaurant version. :)

    Thanks, Wendy! Let me know if you try it! :D

    Cathy, you are so sweet! Thank you! :)

    Thank you, Kevin! :)

    Giz, that *is* a close call…General Tso is one of the best things ever….Now I’ve got a craving. You might be seeing that soon on dablog. lol :)

  20. This looks so damn good! I’m going to go check out the round up and bookmark it. :)

  21. Girl, I just love your dishes! Whenever I have no clue what to make for dinner I come to your website full of delish delights!

  22. YUM. Kung pao is one of my FAVORITE Chinese dishes, though I have never made it myself. You have inspired me, though!

  23. Very very pretty Nikki!!
    I’d love to try this and just might…

  24. Thanks, Pixie! :) That round up is definitely worth a bookmark! :D

    Thank you so much, Dawn! :D

    Elly, thanks! Give this one a try..it’ easy! :)

    Thank you, FlaNboyantEats! Let me know if you do decide to try it. :D

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