And the Winner Is……………

Hi Everyone! :D I’m so excited! Today is the day I drew the name of the winner for the 1 year anniversary cookbook giveaway! Thank you all SO much for participating in the drawing, and for leaving your much appreciated comments. You are all just the best EVAH! :D

So…I decided to record a video of the drawing…but here’s the thing. I look like a TOTAL DUMBASS in the video. Please don’t hold this against me! lmfao I don’t normally sound so freakishly stoooopid, I was just totally nervous. I don’t do well speaking to a crowd. And apparently, neither do I do well talking to an inanimate object. :P Still love me?

Ok, so without further ado (or embarrassing drivel)…I proudly announce the winner of the cookbook drawing!

The Winner is Commenter #51, Jacqueline! I will be sending you an email to get your snail mail address so that I can send you the book. Thanks again everybody!


22 Responses to “And the Winner Is……………”

  1. Congrats Jacqueline! Nikki, you’re as gorgeous as ever–muac! :)

  2. Nikki, love that you’re getting more personal with the video. Great “do” and I await your next video in Espanol! lol

  3. Nikki you are pretty much the cutest ever. :) Congrats, Jacqueline!

  4. Congraas go to Jacqueline for winning your cookbook!!!!And I enjoyed your video…your blog is just so full of GOOD ideas!!!!

  5. Nikki, you look adorable!!!!! Happy blogiversary! Congrats to Jacqueline!

  6. Nikki that was soooo cute! Congrats to Jacqueline!

  7. Elle, one of these days I’m *really* gonna marry you. XOXO!

    Peter, thanks! Do you like the hair? I’m forever going between short and long. :/ Can’t decide.

    Elly, awww! I think YOU are the cutest ever!! :D

    Val, thank you!! I felt like such a dork.

    Dawn, thank you love! MUAC! :D

    Judy, you are too kind! I didn’t feel cute in the video…just dorky. lol :)

  8. Woohoo! I’m super excited and can’t wait until I start making things from the cookbook. Happy blogiversary and thanks again!
    p.s. I think you were great in that video hehe :)

  9. You are so super cute, Nikki! Congrats #51!

  10. Congrats to Jacqueline! Nikki you made a fab video, super cute and very, well Canarygirl-ish!

  11. Oh how fun and what a great way to see who the winner is! Nikki, you look fabulous and are so comfortable on camera! I love your dining room table, it’s beautiful!(I’m a furniture stalker);)
    Congrats Jacqueline!

  12. Woo hooo!!! Nikki, you looked HOT! Jacqueline, you are going to love the cookbook. I love it so much, I have 4 (It makes a great, unique gift!)

  13. Congrats JAcki!! sniff sniff!! x Gloria

  14. That video was great, you look fab darling!

  15. You don’t sound like a dumbass…but I do think you made a mistake – my name isn’t Jacqueline

  16. I think you look fabulous too :)

  17. Jacqueline! Congratulations! :D

    Hi Anne! It’s great to see you here! :)

    Jenn, thanks so much! :)

    Hi White on Rice Couple! Thanks so much! (oh, and stalk away! lol I’m hoping to post pics of my..ehem..”photo studio” soon. lmao) :D

    Bethany, thank you! I think you’ve got hot covered, though. I’m maybe lukewarm. lol :D

    Hee Gloria! Next time! ;)

    Aw, thanks, Cathy! :D

    LMFAO Giz! :D

    Aw, thanks, Mark! :D

  18. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see your face and In Action!!!!!! That’s fun :D and you are sooo cute :D . Great job with the video and the event.

    Congratulations to Jacqueline?

  19. the best part of your little video was the last 2 seconds… that little flip of your head. loved it. very journalistic and tv like!

  20. So fun!

  21. You are adorable! Are we gonna get to see more canary girl videos? pretty please!

  22. [...] LOL Did you hear it? Was it close? The other day my friends were giggling at my accent from the video I posted…they said I have a combination of Minnesota and Spanish accents (Spanisoooodan, hey? [...]

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