Thank You! In more ways than one….

Ya know…I always knew that I counted on blogging and sharing recipes and funny stories and friendships to get me through the day to day…that creative release that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else…it’s what I strive for, what I crave. 

As you may or may not have read in my ‘about’ page…planning food, cooking food, photographing food, and sharing food are some of the major ways I deal with stress and depression.  You guys visiting and commenting on the crap stuff that I write and cook and photograph, is like…like…I dunno…Amazing.

By now, everyone knows about the demise of Tastespotting.  It was, like, OhmyfuckingGawd…NO…WAY!  SHIT!  Let me be so shallow as to say that *every* time my photos made it, I was filled with satisfaction…with glee and with utter validation that I was worthy.  But.  BUT.  The majority of the pics didn’t cut it.  Which led to a fervent desire to do better…to capture that perfect shot….get that perfect lighting and style that food the way artists would (sadly, I rarely accomplish any of those, but I keep. on. trying!)  Thank you, TS for being the catalyst to but one of my obsessions.  But the best thing about TS, was finding all of YOU!  There are so many inspiring photos that have been filed away in my brain…so many gorgeous dishes just waiting to be recreated according to you.  So, it is with that thought in mind that I direct you to

Chuck, is one of those food bloggers that I check every freaking day.  Seriously.  He has some Damned good recipes…you have GOT to check out his spring rolls with nuoc cham….pure nirvana.  AND?!  He has the technical smarts to create something so wonderful…so necessary…so ingenious as FoodGawker.  So THANK YOU! Chuck!  My hat is off, and my thanks goes to you, and your ‘hungry bear.’  I will be frequenting your *new* site often, my friend. MUAC!

28 Responses to “Thank You! In more ways than one….”

  1. Hola Nikki! I couldn’t agree more with you! Such a loss! Everytime Tastespotting published a photo of mine… I got so high (qué subidón)! Plus, it was the perfect place, as you say, to find new foodies… among other things.

    I’ve already registered to FoodGawker, it looks wonderful to me :D . Good luck to Chuck!

  2. I had no idea you were depressed at all. Look at that pretty smile up there. All the wonderful recipes and the care and love that goes into them.

    I’m happy to read ya lady, that great smile always cheers me up each morning.

  3. Hahaha, I know exactly the feeling that you speak of (validation/ rejection)! I tend to shrug it off very effectively, though :) There’s always another day! :)

  4. I totally concur!! TS definitely spurred me to up my game when it came to my food photography and was also my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day and ogle some gorgeous treats. Chuck has done an amazing (and speedy!) job at bringing back this great experience with FoodGawker.

    I also agree that foodblogging is a wonderful way to combat other stress in your life…so great to have an outlet where you can just let your creativity (and taste buds!) be your guide.

  5. MUAC! Núria! Me entiendes, verdad? ;)

    Van…you’re shitting me, right? A pretty smile is just that. I cheer you up, though? Seriously? THAT makes me happy for real, man.

    Mark, yes…there is.

  6. Ooooh, you said a baaad word! lol

    ‘Tis no surprise that a few of your pics made it in the food porn pantheon.;

  7. Yep, isn’t it awsome, I’ve already had three things on there…yahoo!

  8. Love Foodgawker…Every bit as good as Tastespotting (may they RIP). There are a couple of others that have popped up too but I think Foodgawker has them!!!

  9. Hi PaniniKathy! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Peter, you ain’t seen nuthin yet. lmao I’m like a sailor that way. heee

    Awesome, Cathy!

    Judy, yep…foodgawker is the one to watch, imo.

  10. Thanks for letting me know about these sites, now I can work on improving too.

  11. it didn’t take long for me to become obsessed with learning how to take pictures worthy of tastespotting–i hate being rejected. i definitely give them credit for any improvements in my picture-taking prowess and for introducing me to at least half of the blogs on my blogroll. ’twas always an honor to have my photos on the same page as your gorgeous shots. :)

  12. I Feel like we did not get past our first date – I had just found that site then dumped!!
    Love the foodgawker site already checked it out.
    Cathy –

  13. Love you, Nikki. You are an inspiration every single day. And don’t you forget it! muac!

  14. BTW I’ve tagged you for MEME! Hope you join in, would love to know you better.

  15. Nikki I understand you completely! and Is so sad. I discover TS 2 months ago and enjoy a lot!!! (Im a little new in some things o un poco lenta no sé)
    but I like so. But now Nikki is our responsabilty and love to share our recipes and visit the sites that we love, eejemmm!!!!! so when you have times I hope by all of you I put a chocolate cake (special to be weel)and a picture of my twins’s birthday!!! all you are welcome home=blog. Nikki seriously I enjoy a lot with you and your recipes, you are wonderful!!!! besos Gloria

  16. Nikki – if I ever want a referral, you’re the gal I’d go to. You have this incredible animated style that does a great sales job. Of course I registered and the site looks amazing.

  17. Do you know how much traffic I’ve had since I joined Foodgawker!!It’s amazing. Recipemuncher is also great.

  18. Thanks for the info and the new link! I’m excited to see how it’s like!

  19. Hi

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  20. Nikki you are awesome and so is your food and photos! :)

  21. Nikki, thanks for all the complements on Food Gawker and SND. I’m happy to fill the food porn void with FG and I’m even happier for your support. And please don’t take it out on me if your picture doesn’t make it on the site. It was some silly editor, not me! ;-)

  22. Nikki where are you????? we miss you dear!!!! Gloria

  23. I was wondering if you are okay. We miss you and wonder where you are. I hope it’s an exciting vacation you forgot to mention or some wonderful company who has been occupying your time. Please let us know.

  24. por adonde andas? espero q todo esté bien!!

  25. Dear Nikki I miss you!!!! How are you??? Are you OK, sorry but Im a little worry about you, here my mail if you want to say something. cariño escribeme si quieres (puede ser en inglès o en español LOL) besos Gloria

  26. Hi Everone! Thanks so much for your comments, and for worrying about me…I’ll explain what happened in a new post. lol MUAC!

  27. xoxox… love you Nikki!!

  28. Love you more, B! XOXOXO

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