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Now THAT is Some Looooong Dough, Man.

Finally! I’m posting the step by step pics for the Icky Intestines–Check it out, pic by pic after the jump. [Read more →]

Icky Intestines for your Halloween Guests

Bwa-ha-ha-haaaaa!  These gory and gross intestines are actually freakishly delicious! [Read more →]

I am a Pickle Ho. And I think I Like it.

Holy mother of mothers, folks.  I don’t know if you know this about me, but [Read more →]

She’s Back! And Grosser than Ever! Bloody Eyeballs for your Halloween Dining Pleasure.

Heh. And eye thought eye had lost my mojo. Well looky what’s in store for you guys! :D [Read more →]

I’ve lost my mojo.

Hi guys…I’m sorry that posting has been so sporadic and so sparse.  I don’t know if it’s the heat, the inevitable depro that comes with the change of seasons or if it’s just plain boredom.   It’s not that I’ve given up cooking…though, admitedly, we’ve been having a lot more convenient and quick meals lately.  I’ve just not been wont to set up the shoot, or do anything blogly. (yes, I made up that word.  so? lol)  Instead, I’ve been reading, going for walks, having coffee with the moms from school and shopping.  Not bad things, right?  But things far away from the puter.  So, I ask you, my friends…please be patient with me while I try and find my recipe/photo/blog mojo again!  I *do* have a bunch of new ideas for Halloween this year, so I’m hoping to get those started soon!  XOXO


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