Who Says You Can’t Have an Orchard in the City?

Wouldja look at that succulent beauty?

So, one of the things we did on my recent birthday was to go to a local nursery. 

I have had my heart set on having fruit trees forever, and decided that we should try our hands at growing some potted trees on our patio.  The gardener at the nursery was so helpful, and seemed confident that fruit trees would thrive as long as we water them regularly and give them plenty of sun and an occasional dose of fertilizer.  We chose a peach tree, a cherry, a lemon and an orange.  So far, the peach and the orange are showing immediate results!  The peach tree had a few tiny green beginnings of peaches when we bought it, and the orange tree had a nice sized green orange, but nothing else.  After only a few weeks, the peaches have really grown, and are beginning to ripen.  The smell is incredible!  Luscious, succulent, juicy peaches just waiting for the perfect moment to be made into something fabulous. 

The orange tree is blossoming

and has several baby oranges beginning to form,

and the lemon has one lone blossom…hopefully, Miss Lemon will show the same enthusiasm as her sister the orange soon. 

Look at that honker!  I wonder when it will turn orange?

The cherry…well, cherry season is already over, so no blossoms or fruit, but she’s looking healthy for the most part.  I think.  lol  Maybe I should start singing Cherry Oh Baby to her?  A little UB never hurt anybody…in fact they make me pretty darned happy, so maybe they’d work on her as well. ;)

So, what do you think of our little inner-city orchard? :)

28 Responses to “Who Says You Can’t Have an Orchard in the City?”

  1. I think it’s wonderful Nikki! (How long before they become really huge and eat up the tiny pot they’re in?) We used to have 3 trees before our house was rebuilt; now they’re gone and I miss the morning birds chirping outside the window. Oh well. They rained hundreds of rose apples all year round that we seldom ate, ha ha ha.

    Have I greeted you happy birthday already? I’m pretty sure I did, but in case I didn’t, belated happy birthday!

  2. Puts me to shmae. I live in the country with a fairly large garden and don’t grow nearly as much as I should!! I really have to get my act together. In my defense, my tomatoes dies this year due to all the wet weather we are having in the UK at the moment. Try again next year I suppose!

  3. That’s fabulous, Nikki! Your photos of the fruits and blossoms are absolutely inspiring. Congrats! :)

  4. I can’t wait till I get a place big enough where I can plant my own trees :) those peaches look amazing! I can’t wait to see how the other ones bloom

  5. Hey great patio gardening. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your new mothering skills! But so far so good!

  6. i’m jealous!! its too dang hot here and everything i’ve tried growing has failed. yours looks beautiful!!

  7. That is very cool – You have that green thumb gift. I on the other hand could live in an orchard and still manage to kill it.

  8. Hi Mark! I dunno how long until they outgrow their pots…I’ll probably transplant them to a larger pot when it’s the proper time of year…the birds are in another part of our house…did you know we have 4 canaries? lol They’re in the other patio off of the kitchen. Their song is so cute, but now they’re molting and not singing as much… Oh! I’m pretty sure you wished me a happy b-day already, but thanks again! :D

    Beth, I certainly do not put anyone to shame…lmao…I tend to have a brown rather than green thumb. lol I made sure to ask the garden guy if these were hardy! lol

    Thank you so much, Tia!

    Tony, it really is pretty cool…I am jealous of your basil! I tend to kill basil….did you know that was even possible? lmao

    Thank you, Cathy! And any advice you have would certainly be appreciated. :D

    Aw, thanks Ashley!

    Cathy, you must have me confused with someone else…green thumb I don’t have…but I’m trying! I tend to kill most plants…so far the clear winners are these trees and the bamboo stalks I have. Oh, and some hanging plants I have…those are crazy healthy. But give me an herb, and I will kill it. Guaranteed. lmao

  9. absolutely gorgeous, Nikki!

  10. Ok don’t laugh, but I want to garden, but hate to do all the work and I think the best way to garden and enjoy all the benefits is to plants fruit trees! Who wants to be on the ground bending over so their fat ass shows and getting backaches. Planting fruit trees are easiest and I can water and fertilize. Yeah, hello! I mean, not a lot of work, but they produce right? So, I am so with you here girlfriend. Love it. Great idea for sure.

  11. Are absolutely beauty Nikki I like so!!! The curious of these things are I lived at city 4 years ago in antique house I as a apricot tree (fabulous) and a lemon tree (always had lemon) but here in countryside where I live now I dont have any oranges and lemons yet!!! maybe the winter is so cold!! (now is winter) but the lasta year I have delicious apricot and quinces (I made jams) I hads tomatoes a year too (delicious) I hope this year to see waht’s happens with lemons and oranges and of course I wait by the apricots is one of my favorites fruits!! besos, Gloria

  12. i am a natural born plant killer…nothing grow under my care T_T

    damn those are gorgeous!

  13. Nikki, I’m so impressed by the fruit you have growing in your containers! Your gorgeous photos show just how suculent everything is. You have a green thumb girl!!

  14. Flutter! It’s so good to see you here! XOXO

    Dawn, LMAO we are totally gardening twins.

    Gloria, preciosa! A ver si me das algunos consejos para mantenerlos arbolitos vivos, eh? jiji La verdad es que no tengo ni idea, pero lo voy a intentar! :D

    Aw, Rita, you just haven’t found the right plant yet. lol

    Thank you so much, Marie! Maybe there’s hope for that thumb of mine yet. ;)

  15. How exciting!!! I just picked 3 avocados off of my tree yesterday. I can’t wait to make something with them. Our homegrown fruit has got to taste different doesn’t it???

  16. oh, i’m so jealous–I want an orchard! considering my recent failings at gardening and the fact that i own no land whatsoever, i guess i’ll have to hold off on that dream for awhile. but yes, your orchard is beautiful and i’m glad you’re getting some goodies out of it. :)

  17. I’m so jealous of your nice peaches. ;)

  18. My parents had a peach and a fig trees in their little tiny back yard in Mexico City. So yes, you can have an orchard in the city. Your trees are so lovely!

  19. I love it…You make me want to go buy some fruit trees. I would especially love to have a lime tree because I use them all the time.

  20. Judy, you have AVOCADOS?! OMG I am so jealous. I would have loved to have gotten one…they didn’t have any, though. It’s totally on my list, though. :D

    Grace, failings? I seem to recall some beautiful tomatoes? :)

    Elle, LMFAO!

    Thanks so much, Ben!

    Thanks, Pam! A lime tree would be quite the useful one, wouldn’t it? Margarita/Mojito Tree! lol

  21. I have always found growing even flowers in pots to be difficuilt here in the condo..so my kudos go out to you for your wonderful future fruit salad:D

  22. Yeah!!! How wonderful to have a beautiful fruit orchard right on your patio! We’re so excited for you and have fun in eating and seeing your garden explode! Wish you were closer, we’d send over a couple of special fruit trees to ya!

  23. What great pics – I can only imagine walking out of my back door and seeing such gorgeous things growing in my back yard. And to be able to grow without pesticide and allow the fruit to ripen on the vine – absolutely heaven.

  24. It would be really nice to have your own fruit trees!

  25. Oh I wish someday I can live in a house and grow fruits and vegetables in a garden.

    Currently I am helping a friend with her yard work every Sunday, so far we have a Lemon, Tangerine, Pumelo, Avocado, and Guava tree and as herbs we have Cilantro, Parsley, and Mint.

    If I had a yard I would plant some “Naranjas Agrias” (Seville Orange) those are wonderful for marinading meats. Luckily one of my friends mothers does.

    So anyway, how are the peaches, another friend of mine has a peach tree but the first set of peaches where very bland and not sweet, the later one’s are sweet I think.

  26. it’s great to grow your own fruit in the garden! it tastes better. :) beautiful pictures…i’m so excited for you!

  27. Valli, thank you!

    WORC, omg YOU guys have the best garden/orchard EVAH. And I totally wish we were neighbors…imagine the fun we’d have! :D

    Giz, I’m totally new at the gardening gig…I hope I can pull it off!

    Kevin, I’m loving it so far!

    Nathan, the peaches are smaller than store bought, but very sweet! I can’t wait for next year’s crop.

    Thank you, Diva! :)

  28. What stunning pictures!

    I live in New York and last year for my birthday, my husband bought me a Meyer lemon tree. It lives in my dining room window and has suffered much over the past year – dropping all its leaves (all except for 3!) during the winter, the cat broke the branch with the lemons ripening on it, it is suffering the indignity of an electrical tape bandage – but now, those lemons are finally, slowly, unbelievably turning yellow! Maybe by September!

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