Who Said Frozen Salad isn’t any Good? Sorbete de Gazpacho

Did I scare you? I mean, the idea of frozen salad probably isn’t that appealing. LOL But. And this is a pretty big BUT. (no, it’s not mine! :P ) Gazpacho. Sorbet. Combine the two and you have a bit of frozen heaven. This traditional Spanish soup is always served chilled, and often with ice…why not go just another step and turn it into a savory sorbet, I asked? Top that with the traditional finely chopped vegetables for added crunch, and you have entered into yum world. This one is going to be making regular appearances at our summer table, folks. It’s the perfect way to begin a meal in the sweltering heat of summer, or even as an afternoon snack. It’s packed with vegetables, very low in fat, and delicious. Oh!  And super easy.  So whatcha waitin for?

sorbete de gazpacho


2 pounds (1kilo) very ripe tomatoes
1 cucumber, peeled
1 small red onion
2 cloves garlic
1 italian pepper
olive oil to taste (about 3 tablespoons)
red wine vinegar to taste (about 3 tablespoons)
salt to taste
4 cups ice cubes (or more)


Roughly chop all vegetables, reserving a bit of tomato, cucumber, pepper and onion to garnish.
Place all ingredients in blender or food processor and process until smooth.
Add ice and process until smooth.
Serve sorbet garnished with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and topped with finely chopped tomato, cucumber, pepper and onion.

Y en español:


1 kilo tomates maduros
1 pepino, pelado
1 cebolla roja pequeña
2 dientes de ajo
1 pimiento italiano (para freir)
aceite de oliva virgen (3 cucharadas, mas o menos)
vinagre de vino rojo (3 cucharadas, mas o menos)
sal al gusto
4 vasos de hielo (o mas)


Cortar las verduras en trozos (no tiene que ser muy pequeñas), reservando un poquito de tomate, pepino, cebolla y pimiento para adornar.
Poner todo en la batidora o robot y triturar hasta que esté bien molido y homogéneo.
Añadir el hielo y triturar hasta que esté suave.
Servir adornado con aceite de oliva virgen, vinagre de modena y las verduritas reservadas (picadas muy finas).

14 Responses to “Who Said Frozen Salad isn’t any Good? Sorbete de Gazpacho”

  1. This is indeed an interesting concept. You have take gazpacho to another level, that’s for sure.

  2. Me and my family are not yet quite daring… We don’t usually eat cold food! But it does look very refreshing :) Nice idea!

  3. well, i do love gazpacho. and most sorbet is delicious. why not combine the two? my verdict: sheer brilliance.

  4. Now this is unique – I would never have thought to put the two together but hey, why not – it does look fantastic.

  5. Super interesting for sure!

  6. A unique dish Nikki that is certainly worth a try. I need to make some room in my freezer!!!!

  7. oh man. wish i had that now..the weather’s getting so hot i just can’t take it anymore. pretty presentation!!

  8. Nina, if you like gazpacho? I totally recommend this…it’s so smooth and cool! :)

    Mark, no cold food? Seriously? Even with the heat of the Phillipines? In summer I could live on cold dishes alone. Mostly. You know, except for soup. lol :)

    Thank you, Grace! If you like gazpacho, you’ll love this. :)

    Thank you, Giz! :)

    Thanks, Recipegirl! :)

    Val, WORD! My freezer is packed to the max right now. I need to make room for ice-cream! lol :)

    Thank you so much, Diva! :)

  9. Nikki–genius! That looks really refreshing. I adore gazpacho!

  10. It’s beautiful, so summery and just looks as if it’s full of flavor. Beautiful.

  11. Nikki, this is so nice and looks wonderful! xGloria

  12. Interesting concept, I love the idea!

  13. Wow Nikki! Qué idea!!! Super interesante, I love it… I’m making this one for sure this summer!!!! :D My man is a gazpacho-lover and my daughter an ice cream-lover… it’s just perfect!

  14. This is truly inspired work Nikki! I can’t believe mine eyes!

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