This week, it’s Peter’s turn to be stalked by me. LOL Cheese Stuffed Keftedes

Yeah, so earlier in the week I had posted about staring at Peter’s (of Kalofagas) delicious Eggs Benedict recipe…Staring at Peter’s recipes is nothing new for me.  His site is a daily read.  He has a wonderful sense of humor, and is a phenomenal cook.  You should SEE some of the delicious things he cooks up!  He is of Greek descent, and, luckily for us, he shares his mouthwatering recipes, and the fun stories of Greece and his heritage that go along with them.  Not too long ago he had posted his recipe for Cheese Stuffed Keftedes (couldn’t you just *die* at how good those sound?)…well, I knew I had to put those on the menu.  I mean, Come ON!  Keftedes?  Stuffed with Cheese?  I may have fainted into my keyboard.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I did, because I had these weird square bruises on my forehead. ;) This week, I could wait no more.  Monday I bought the ingredients to make his hellaciously good recipe. 

cheese stuffed keftides

I’m not going to post Peter’s recipe, because I actually followed it pretty much to the letter…I had to substitute Gouda cheese (see it trying to escape there? lol) for the Greek cheese, though, since I can’t get the types he recommended for the recipe.

To go along with these delicious morsels of Greek joy, I decided to make a fresh tzatziki (pictured here) and hummus (pictured below).


Tzatziki Ingredients:

2 cups plain Greek yogurt, strained overnight
1 large cucumber, peeled and seeded, diced
1 smaller bunch of mint, minced (about 1/4 cup)
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients.
Cover and refrigerate several hours or overnight.
Drain any excess liquid thay may have formed before serving.

The hummus was an excellent dip for both the keftedes and the pitas.  I tell you, this is perfect summer food, you guys. The next time you plan on grilling plain old burgers? Forget that idea, and make these instead! Seriously, they are amazing. :D


Hummus Ingredients: 

1 jar garbanzo beans (14 oz, 800 grams), mostly drained
2-3 cloves garlic
2 tablespoons tahini
juice of 1 lemon
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
salt to taste


Using a food processor, mince garlic first, then add garbanzos and process until semi-smooth.
Add tahini, lemon juice, olive oil and salt and continue to process until creamy.
*If mixture still seems a bit thick, add a tablespoon or two of water to help it along.

Las Recetas en Español:

Keftedes de Peter (traducido directamente de su página web), Ingredientes:

1 kilo carne molida
2 cebollas, ralladas
4 rebanadas de pan, humedecidas con agua y desmenuzadas
1 cucharadita de ajo en polvo, o ajo fresco majado
2 huevos
1 cucharadita orégano
1 cucharadita perejil picado
1 pizca de comino
sal y pimienta al gusto
queso en lonchas para rellenar (Vlahotyri o Kasseri) (yo utilizé Gouda)


Mezclar todos los ingredientes en un bol (mejor con las manos).
Formar hamburguesas finas, y reservar en un plato.
Tapar con film transparente y meter en la nevera durante al menos 4 horas.
Antes de asar, dejar que los keftedes vuelvan a temperatura ambiente. Cojer una loncha de queso y
ponerla en el centro de una hamburguesa. Ahora, tapar con otra hamburguesa y presionar por los lados a cerrarla bien.
Procurar cerrar los keftedes muy bien por los lados para evitar que se escape el queso cuando los ases.
Asar a fuego medio unos 5 minutos cada lado.
Servir con mostaza, mayonesa, Boukovo (chilis picantes molidos), ensalada y pan.

Tzatziki, Ingredientes:

2 vasos (de Nocilla) yogur Griego, escurrido durante una noche
1 pepino grande, pelado y con las semillas retiradas, en daditos
1 manojo pequeño de hierba huerto, picadito
2-3 dientes de ajo, majado
sal y pimienta al gusto


Mezclar todos los ingredientes.
Tapar y dejar en la nevera varias horas o una noche.
Si se haya suelto algo de líquido, escurrirla antes de servir.

Homus, Ingredientes:

1 bote de garbanzos (800 gramos), escurridos
2-3 dientes de ajo
2 cucharadas tahini (crema de sésamo)
zumo de 1 limón
2 cucharadas aceite de oliva virgen
sal al gusto


Poner todo en el robot de cocina y procesar hasta que esté cremoso.
Si te parece un poco espeso, añadir unas cucharadas de agua para ayudarlo.




17 Responses to “This week, it’s Peter’s turn to be stalked by me. LOL Cheese Stuffed Keftedes”

  1. i know that won’t ship well to Jersey, but still…

  2. Nikki, it’s beautiful…did you intentionally get the the Gouda to ooze out? It’s photo-tastic! lol

    Thank you so much for trying out the keftedes, glad you liked the mixture of meat, seasonings and herbs. Gouda is a fine cheese and I think the Spanish would love this.

    OLE and thank you again, Nikki.

  3. Nikki I really Peter’s cook is really yummy. And this look so good.x Gloria

  4. So now Peter kills me from across town and now you’re killing me from across the world. Don’t those keftedes just scream out to you? OMG.. I probably just need to get off my butt and make some and stop begging Peter to bring some over…sigh. I’m sure that was one fine meal. So I hear cookbook #2 with honorable mention.

  5. so that’s why i have these bruises on my face..i was wondering about that. :)

    clearly, that’s one spectacular greek feast.

  6. Van, I wish I could send this to you! :D

    Peter, thank you so much for the excellent recipe! I only wish I were so talented to make the cheese ooze out on purpose. lmao But, seeing as how I’m me? We can attribute that happy accident to user error. *giggle*

    Gloria, SÍ! Peter si que sabe cocinar! (Peter sure knows how to cook!) :) Thanks for commenting!

    Giz, there is no killing here! I swear I am a pacifist. lmfao! You’re luckier than me…you live close to Peter! You could get him to invite you to dinner…I have to just sigh and fasten my apron strings…only dreaming of having a Greek prepare delicious food for me. ;) :)

    LMAO Grace! :D Thank you so much!

  7. Oh, these are the ones you were telling me about! My gawd…my stomach actually started grumbling when I looked at your photos, Nikki! Now I have to go make breakfast…but no way it’s gonna compare to that feast!

  8. I have my eye on Peters Keftedes too Nikki. They would have been excellent with my two fave dips:D

  9. I have been wanting to make Peter’s Keftedes as well you have just boosted it to dinner idea number one!!! The dips look great with it!

  10. every part of that dish sounds phenomenal!!! I love Peter’s blog, too!

  11. cheese stuffed?? humous???? i’m sorry but i’d like a plate of that please!

  12. Okay, now I have square bruises on my forehead…it’s fantastic looking, I mean Wow! That oozing gouda…it gave me the chills.

  13. That meal looks so good!! Cheese stuffed in spiced meat with cool tzatziki and creamy hummus is just perfect!

  14. Yep, Peter’s definitely got good stuff over there on that blogga his. I love to see bloggers supporting other bloggers… inspired by what they see. That’s what this is all about, right? Looks delish. Makes me want Greek tonight :)

  15. Elle, I would totally eat these for breakfast. You know me and my strange breakfasting ways. lol MUAC! :D

    Val, wait no more to make these! They’re right up your alley. :)

    Judy, I’m glad I could help with the meal planning! lol Seriously, Peter’s food is fab. :)

    Thank you, Tony! And thanks for stopping by! I’ve been enjoying your video recipes! :)

    Diva, no need to say sorry, just help yourself to a plate. You’re welcome any time. :D

    Kevin, yes…yes it is perfect. lol :)

    RecipeGirl, I totally agree…I love the bloggin love. It’s meant to be shared, like good food, good wine and good humor. :D

  16. [...] recipes! hummus, tzatziki and tabbouleh. i did get the base of the hummus and tzatziki recipes from canary girl’s blog, and found the tabbouleh over at epicurious. but i changed around some ratios, added a few things, [...]

  17. Yum yum yum, I love the combination :) I like all the recipes you post…

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