Nope, I’m not dead or anything like that…LOL


OMG first of all, let me say how much I have missed all of you!  Holy crap…I’m telling you…It’s been a bit of a ride these last couple of weeks. 

First, my son…darling boy that he is…broke my laptop screen.  Yes.  He did go there.  Does this look like a kid that would do something like that?

After I finished hyperventilating (which had followed the yelling), I figured, well…it’s insured, we can get it fixed, and in the meantime, I’ll use the pc.  HA.  “Sure,” the fates said.  “Sure you will.”  It turns out that our internet connection for the pc is a piece of total garbage…it’s also a wireless connection, but the thing is, is that our router and whatever that other machine is called are in the living room.  Having concrete walls apparently is not conducive to internet reception, so it’d just crap out constantly.  I couldn’t even read anything, because pages took like 6 years to upload.  Ya, ok, you betcha.  Like I have time to wait for that.  I’m sure my darling boy would love it…I mean, THINK of all the things he could break while I sit on my bum in the bedroom waiting for internet pages to load. lmao 

So.  I ever so sweetly asked my dear hubs if he would consider moving the pc to the living room so I could at least get some work (and READING–Addicts *need* their food blog fix in the morning, dammit!  ehem) done.  Guess what?  The damned thing broke.  I’m not even kidding.  The on/off switch thingamajig disconnected itself or some weird thing like that, so we can’t turn on the pc either.  I give up. 

Anyway, it was time to go on vacation!  Which I would have told you about had I any internet, either with the laptop or the pc.  We spent a glorious week overlooking the sand dunes of Maspalomas, in the southern part of our island.  Frolicking in the pool, shmearing on sunblock like there was no tomorrow…well, that’s not exactly right….more like there *is* a tomorrow and we don’t want skin cancer on that morrow. 

dunas de maspalomas

Now we’re back home, and dear hubs….miracle worker that he is…tech God…has made me a special ghetto computer to get by on until we get the two fixed.  I have thee most pimped out set up here….you’d all be jealous, and probably are thinking of stealing this idea for your own selves, but I will share anyway. lmfao  I have the pc monitor hooked up to the laptop.  Supa-fly, I’m tellin ya.  Ok, ok, QUITIT!  It isn’t *that* funny.  Or maybe it is.  I have to admit, I am  sort of giggling myself at the fact that truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction.  I’m SO happy to be back, and can’t wait to find out what you’ve all been cooking!!!   Signing off for now from the world’s most Ghetto computer evAH….canarygirl MUAC!

20 Responses to “Nope, I’m not dead or anything like that…LOL”

  1. Glad to see you back! I was wondering what you were up to. :^)

  2. lmbo, Nik! I think that whatever works is just fine! Ghetto or not. hehe!

  3. You’ve been missed but life sometimes happens, right? At least you are enjoying your summer even though you are not getting your daily blog doses. I’ve been there and the withdrawals are not fun! Hehehe

  4. Now I will have to say that you are definitely hooked on blogging…not that that is a bad thing.

  5. luckily, the laptop my darling little girl decided to break was a work laptop and it was replaced quickly (and for free)

  6. OMG that’s a bummer, I was getting worried about you…glad you are back!

  7. Ya, I kinda wondered if aliens swooped down and took you to another planet. Now I get it. I don’t really believe he broke it – he’s just way too cute. I think you broke it so you could spend all of your time with him one and one and listen to him tell you stories about imaginary things in his life. Ya, that’s it. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

  8. Dear Nikki!!!! Im so happy you return dear!!! welcome again we miss you and you are how my twin soul when you say…. you know!!!This week I want to make cheese and prawns empanadas! besos.( Your son is delicious I would forgive home everything!!!!) xxGloria

  9. Sorry I want to say “forgive HIM eveything” xx

  10. Hey I am not mad at at that at ALL! I’ve done some pretty tech-wizard (ahem) things in my day in order to … read. hehe. Glad you’re back up and running!

  11. Thanks for the welcome back, everyone! It’s nice to know I’ve been missed at least a little bit. :)

  12. Welcome back Nikki! I was getting a little worried about ya. But now that I know all the stuff that you’ve been through, I totally feel for ya. Good to have you back!

  13. she’s aliiiiiive! i, for one, have sorely missed you and your yummy eats. three cheers for technologically-savvy husbands and ghetto computers! :)

  14. so THERRRREEEE you are! hey, things happen. your little boy is totally cute, but maybe he used that ‘mini SUV’ to run over your laptop screen? you really realize how much you rely on the computer when it’s gone.

  15. Nikki, I am so glad I found your blog. I was searching for watercress sandwiches recipes to make because of the sandwiches I remember eating there in Las Palmas at a small sandwich shop (that also made “tuno” fruit drinks) behind Calle Triana near the post office where my mother worked. I’ve never been able to reproduce them and haven’t been able to get to Gran Canaria myself for a few years. So I’m going to try this today.

  16. Welcome back – was wondering where you were hiding.


  17. Please quit talkin smack about my sweet little Fuman. He wouldn’t do anything like that!! (Oooh, I ALMOST got through that with a straight face. lmbo)

    Yay for the getto set up though! I was going into some Nikki withdrawal!

  18. Yaay! Vacation! I hope you’ll post some pics soon :) And yes, no matter how angelic your boy is, we can always do some damage, heh heh :)

  19. Jissss, and there I was thinking up all sorts of things that could have happened to you. Meanwhile it was just the freaking computer!! Well, I’m glad you’re back!

  20. I had kind of a crazy week too and didn’t connect as much as I wished, but instead I got some cinema, beach and sun…which is not a bad deal after all ;-) . Me encanta leer tus posts :D . Subes la moral a cualquiera, there’s so much positive energy in you! Hope your holiday was Super!!!!

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