Squisito! Risotto al Nero di Seppia

Ok, so how’s my Italian so far? hmmm?  lol  Italian is such a beautiful language…just hearing it makes me happy.  The way the words flow, and the intonation, well, it’s a language I would love to learn.  Languages have always fascinated me…ever since childhood I wanted to learn Spanish, and once in high school, I found that I loved it!  Then, I moved on to French…and after that, Japanese in college.  Italian has been on my list of things to learn, though, for quite a long time.  I wonder if it’s possible to teach one’s self a language?  Probably not, huh? lol  Some day.  Some.  Day.  In the meantime, cooking Italian dishes and coming up with corny Italian titles for them will have to suffice. hehe (**let me clarify…I am NOT fluent in all of these languages…only English and Spanish! lol  I have only studied them, and love them. :D )

Risotto Negro, or “Black Rice,” is another one of the things we ordered on our night out.  At the restaurant, they served it with pan seared monkfish, but, I thought that prawns would be better suited.  I like monkfish when it’s prepared to mock lobster, but other than that….not so much.  (Do you have any suggestions for improving the texture?  It always seems so rubbery.  yuck :P )  This particular variation of Risotto is made with squid ink, which gives it its signature color.  If you’ve never tried squid ink, please consider it.  It has such a divine, subtle flavor…just hinting at the taste of the squid (calamaro or seppia).  Even Mr. Picky Pants loves this rice–and that, my friends, is saying something. lol

So let’s get cooking, shall we?


2-3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons butter
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
1 large onion, minced
2 very ripe tomatoes, peeled, seeded and diced
1 roasted red pepper, diced
2 cups rice
1 cup dry white wine
4-6 cups fish stock (I used prawn stock I had in the freezer–the amount will vary depending on your tastes)
3 envelopes of squid ink (12 grams total), or 3 squid ink sacks
1 cup parmesan cheese, freshly grated
2 pounds (1 kilo) prawns, steamed
alioli to garnish


Before anything, combine the squid ink packets with a small amount of water and thoroughly combine.
Heat oil and butter over moderate heat.
Saute garlic until golden, then add onion, tomato and pepper (save a little bit of pepper for garnish).
Continue to saute until tender, then add in rice and stir well for about 2-3 minutes.
Add wine and reduce, stirring constantly.
When wine is absorbed, add broth, ladle by ladle waiting for the liquid to absorb before adding more. You’ll need to stir this constantly as you cook it, to avoid sticking and burning.
When the rice is nearly done (depends on how you like your rice, and whether you like it drier or with more of a brothy feel), add in the squid ink mixture and thoroughly combine.
Test your rice for seasoning, and adjust salt and pepper.
Add in the parmesan and stir to combine.
Remove from heat and serve immediately, garnished with steamed prawns, chopped roasted peppers and alioli.


2-3 cucharadas aceite de oliva virgen
2 cucharadas mantequilla
3-4 dientes de ajo, majados
1 cebolla grande, picadita
2 tomates maduros, pelados, sin semillas, y picados
1 pimiento rojo asado, picado
2 vasos arroz
1 vaso vino blanco seco
4-6 vasos fumet de pescado (Utilicé fumet de langostinos que tenía congelado. La cantidad varía dependiendo de los gustos de uno)
3 paquetes tinta de calamar (12 gramos en total), o 3 bolsitas de tinta de calamar
1 vaso queso parmesano, recién rallado
1 kilo langostinos, cocinados al vapor
alioli para acompañar


Antes que nada, mezclar los paquetes de tinta con un poquito de agua.
Calentar el aceite y la mantequilla sobre fuego medio alto.
Sofreir el ajo hasta que esté dorado, y a continuación, añadir la cebolla, el tomate y el pimiento (reservar un poco de pimiento para adornar después).
Seguir sofriendo hasta que esté todo tiernito y a continuación añadir el arroz, removiendo constantemente.
Añadir el vino y reducir, removiendo constantemente.
Cuando se haya absorbido el vino, añadir el fumet de pescado poco a poco (cucharón a cucharón) asegurando que se haya absorbido todo el líquido antes de añadir mas. Tendrás que removerlo constantemente para evitar que se pegue ni que se queme.
Cuando el arroz esté casi hecho (dependiendo de como te gusta el arroz…mas seco o mas caldoso), añadir la mezcla de tinta de calamar y remover bien.
Comprobar el sazón y rectificar la sal y la pimienta.
Añadir el queso parmesano y remover bien.
Retirar del fuego y servir de inmediato, adornado de langostinos, pimientos asados y alioli.

33 Responses to “Squisito! Risotto al Nero di Seppia”

  1. Me encanta el risotto negro, pero increíblemente jamás lo he hecho :) Imperdonable, de mi parte …;)
    Lo que si hice fueron ravioles con pasta negra y me salieron bastante aceptables. Esos langostinos me dan agua en la boca.
    Y el italiano esta bueno..mi esposo es italiano, pero no me enseña, le falta paciencia ..hahahaha

  2. Nikki, it’s gorgeous! And I’m positive it tastes as delicious as it looks!

  3. Wow Nikki! That looks so good and all of those laguages??? I can barely handle English and that is my native!!!
    I might try this recipe one day when I have more than 5 minutes to whip up dinner!

  4. Nikki, Italian is easy, just say things like you’re singing it– “This is the risotto with-a the shrimp-a!” Ha ha ha :) I gotta say, super-kudos on the beautiful risotto al nero. Because it can get really ugly. As in horrifying.
    But you managed to make it look really appetizing, so I applaud you :) I like squid ink dishes, but only when other people prepare them!

  5. Oh, that looks lovely! Never worked with squid ink before…
    I have been learing Italian little by little (I have enough trouble speaking English..and that’s my native tonugue! LOL!) from the BBC-sitehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/italian
    If you have all of those languages down, teachingyourself should be non problem!

  6. Wow, the colors are stunning. I’ve never had squid ink and it’s something I just need to try someday. The color has always turned me off but I’m not sure why… That’s great that you already know a few languages :)

  7. i was just going to comment on the colors, but a few beat me to it. this looks really yummy.

  8. Hola Sylvia! Caray con tu marido que no te enseña, O! jeje Raviolis con pasta negra? Tenían que estar de muerteeee! Gracias por dejar tu comentario, cielo! Me alegro que te haya gustado el post.

    Thanks, Elle! I was a little askeert that people would think me nuts for posting squid ink stuff. lol

    Judy, Hee! I’m not fluent in all of them, just English and Spanish on a good day. lol This is actually a pretty quick meal…just a lot of stirring. 30 minutes start to finish. :)

    HAHA Mark…so true-a. I’lla justa starta singinga. And omfg that really did look like a bowl-a-worms (according to it’s own author)! :P Thanks for liking mine! lol

    Tina, I tell ya what…you try squid ink, I’ll try teaching myself Italian, k? ;)

    Thanks, Rayrena! The color was my biggest hurdle, too. ;P But once you make the jump, man that’s good. :)

  9. Thanks Furious! Heee…I was going to make that age old joke…what’s black and white and red all over? lmfao Hey we posted at the same time! :D

  10. That looks delicious! And the pics are so professional. Hmmm rico! Hehe. And it is possible to teach oneself a language. I did it with English and at least people understand what I try to say :-p

  11. You’ve got to be kidding me……this is so amazing…..I just buy the ready made black pasta, you’ve just inspired me to try it myself.

  12. Nikki!!!! Esto es absolutamente expectacular, y las foros dear! I feel so little side you with the pictures, well I try to do the best, but really I think your pictures are amazing, really nice!!!xxxGloria

  13. That first picture is just like a work of art–you know? It doesn’t look like something to eat (meaning that’s good, not bad ha ha). Such a beautiful pic. Black risotto who knew? Not me. But now that I see I want it.

  14. This looks amazing! Che bello! I studied Italian in college, and I’m trying to relearn it for an upcoming trip to Italy!

  15. squid ink sacks. what an odd notion. who in the world ever decided to put squid ink in a sack? i don’t know the answer to that, but whoever it was had a stroke of genius–this is a gorgeous dish. muy bien! (that’s about the extent of my espanol…) :)

  16. That is a fantastic looking dish!

  17. Can’t say I’ve ever tried squid ink, but I will have to. This is such a beautiful dish!

  18. Nikki, I have two packs of squid ink from my trip to Venice that I haven’t used up yet! I might make this risotto or a black squid ink pasta – either way, I’m so excited!
    mi sono piaciuto molto le tue foto e anche il tuo italiano ;) yay for a semester of italian!

  19. Ben, you taught yourself English? Wow! You’re a very good teacher, man! Y muchísimas gracias, también…me alegro que te hayan gustado. :)

    Nina, this is so easy, you wouldn’t even believe it. The hardest part is the constant stirring. lol

    Gloria, me dejas la cara coloreada mi cielo! Muchísimas gracias por tantas flores que me has hechado. xoxo

    Dawn, wow! Now that is a compliment…Thank you!

    Joy, Molto grazie! A trip to Italy…lucky you! Any room in the suitcase for a fellow Italian student? hmmm? lol

    Grace, squid ink sacks come from God Himself. The squid family was very well designed. lol Gracias, guapa! ;)

    Thank you, Madeline!

    Really Elly? Get right on that! Seriously…it’s just so good. :)

    Grazie mille, Tony! Squid ink is great, isn’t it? Now, send me your textbooks so I can understand what you said. LOL

  20. Absolutely stunning, I love the colors! It looks delicious. Welcome to R2R! Excited to see your fabulous contribution. :)

  21. ok this one is an absolute winner for me – I love everything about it!!! not just the colors, but i know the taste would be amazing.

  22. those shrimp eyeballs are too cool… like little grains of squid rice
    so like, what’s not to love about this?

  23. If Mr. Picky Pants loves this risotto Nikki then so do I…..:D

  24. If Mr. Picky Pants is being picky abt anything…i’ll hv his portion…and yours too lol

    this looks gorgeously yummy, girl!

  25. Hi Jen! Thanks so much for the welcome! I’m so excited to rise to the challenge. :)

    Never Full, did you have black paella while you were in Spain? It’s similar, but this one is a bit richer. Thanks!

    Claudia, shrimp eyeballs *are* cool, aren’t they? Thanks!

    Hee, thanks Val!

    Rita, LOL…there’s plenty to go around. I’ll give you double, k? :)

  26. Bongiorno Nikki,
    Your photography is beautiful. I have never attempted squid pasta or squid ink anything! Looks lovely. Your blog is great, just discovered it. Loved the paella recipe on the grill! I put you in my favorites!
    Cheers! Stacey Snacks

  27. The name risotto negro sounds like a dance! I love it because it matches the shrimps eyes!

  28. What a gorgeous plate of risotto: the black with the bright orange. Squid ink risotto is going to be delicious and I envy you. I really do.

  29. Hi Stacey! Thanks so much! I look forward to getting to know you! :)

    Thanks, Cathy! :)

    Thank you so much, Eatingclub! :)

  30. Hello,

    Very nice receipt; however, where is the seppia/cuttlefish? I think insted the praws you should try it with cuttlefish…

    But thankyou very much anyway!
    Kind regards!

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