She’s Back! And Grosser than Ever! Bloody Eyeballs for your Halloween Dining Pleasure.

Heh. And eye thought eye had lost my mojo. Well looky what’s in store for you guys! :D

Eyeballs! Bloody ones! Except that they taste like the best sausage pizza ever. Except instead of pork, using chicken breast—Eye mean, you could use pork, too…it’s up to you. Eye used chicken. Because eye’m cheeky like that. (Ok, OK! I’ll quitit with the eye/I thing. SHEESH. :P lmfao)

This is a super Halloween appy/main…and you can even make it ahead and freeze it (I’m freezing my eyeballs off *right now*). For the pics, I just put it on a plate, but for the party, I plan to also have mini pizza crusts/focaccias or “cauldrons,” if you will, to put them in, since they’re a little bigger than bite size. Unless of course you perhaps have a big mouth. I mean, I know *I* do, but in a totally different sense of the word. lmfao

So my pretties…put on your witch’s caps and dig out your cauldrons and start cooking up some goulish snacks for your Halloween Party! :D


2 pounds (1 kilo) ground chicken breast
1 egg
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1/2 cup milk
1/2-3/4 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon ground fennel seeds
oregano to taste
basil to taste
thyme to taste
a generous amount of garlic powder
a generous amount of onion flakes
salt and pepper to taste
1 can or jar of black olives (do yourself a favor and buy them pre-pitted!)
1 larger can of tomato paste (it was a little more than a cup)
more of the same seasonings as the chicken (fennel through pepper)
1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan
water to thin—about 1 1/2 cups


Combine all chicken ingredients except olives and set aside.
Combine all sauce ingredients.
Preheat oven to 375ºF/190ºC.
Line a large rimmed cookie sheet with foil and brush with olive oil or spray with cooking spray.
Form eyeball sized balls (hehehe) and shove an olive into the center of each one.
Make it look as eyeball like as you can.
Arrange finished eyeballs on the baking sheet and bake until cooked through, about 20-30 minutes depending on your oven.
Serve the eyeballs over the sauce, and with some type of bread–I plan to use pizza crust cups (I’m just going to make mini crusts and put them in a muffin tin—we’ll see how that works out. lol)

46 Responses to “She’s Back! And Grosser than Ever! Bloody Eyeballs for your Halloween Dining Pleasure.”

  1. Nikki!

    You are indeed back! And with a great appropriate Halloween dish! Everyone is crating Halloween deserts but not too many are actually making a dish for the event!!!

    I wonder if the eye-sized chicken balls could be substituted for scallops! And all that of course changes the family of the dish – heh – just a random thought.

    Love it!

    Gabi @

  2. Awesome! I love halloween. I have a Ghoul’s Night every year for my girlfriends and make all kinds of “gross” food!

  3. How clever Nikki! You always have Mojo loss panic way too soon. You just needed a teensy break!!!

    Love that recipe and may just have to try it for dinner!

  4. yum, those look good and gross somehow. you must be a witch

  5. I wonder if stuffing them with pimento stuffed green olives would be taking it a step too far?

  6. Nikki!!! It’s great to see you back in full swing, Chica!!! No panellets here? Do you know panellets?

    Anyways, I love American culture when Halloween gets near… you guys scare meeeeeee…. ;D

  7. Yay she is back! And what do you have for us all? Something great for Halloween, that’s what I’m talking about. Please don’t leave us again :-p

  8. Oooh, spooky, Nik! These are very cool looking and no doubt taste delicious!

  9. This could become the international main for Halloween (wherever it’s celebrated, that is). The thought of a turkey with eyeballs staring at me somehow just doesn’t cut it.

  10. I thik Nikki is delicious and look terrific!! (good word) Im happy you are in and OK,xxxI let yoiu in my blog an Award. xxxxxxxxx

  11. ohhh nicky! u spooked the heck outta me, in broad day light! this dish makes my scary dishes look almost cute lol. i need to work on my halloween presentation skills then hehe

  12. Oh god! These are hilarious and very clever too! “Eye” bet they’re tasty!

  13. Hi you guys! :D

    Gabi, scallops! Now that sounds goooood!

    Crista, isn’t it fun?! We do a yearly party, too, with all kinds of icky treats. :)

    Judy, seriously…these would be an awesome dinner…I’d just brown the chicken instead of making the balls, and make a regular pizza out of it. lol

    Furious, of *course* I’m a witch! lol

    Shaye, I thought of that, too, but I might still make the radish eyes, too….which have the pimento stuffed green ones.

    Núria, what is “panellets?” I wish you lived closer–you could come to the Halloween bash at our place!

    Hi Ben! Sorry to leave you guys hanging…I just needed a little “me” time, I guess. lol

    Elly, they really are *so* tasty! I’m gearing up to make the “intestines” soon too. lol

    Giz, I have a few different mains for Halloween—I don’t want it to be all sweets, but the pressure is high to produce a truly frightful menu for these Spaniards. lmfao

    Gloria, preciosa! Muchísimas gracias por el premio! Besos…

    Rita, hehe…if your scary stuff is cute, then you should take a look at the goofball stuff I’ve come up with for our parties. lol

    Peter! Hee! I’m glad you like them! lol

  14. Totally disgusting, but sounds delicious!

  15. Oh girl, I would say, you definitely got your mojo back!!
    “Eye”for one, would love to pop one of these in my mouth!

  16. You are definitely back with some sppoky Hallowe’en fare!!!!!!!!Love this idea for Hallowe’en Nikki. I had better get some ideas together for a goulish dinner!!!!!!

  17. ok those are totally fun, when my nephews get a little older I
    ll make this for them

  18. I love Halloween themed foods – and this one looks like so much fun!

  19. Oh cool!!! I’m having a Spooky Birthday Party for Luke this year… I’ll have to figure out a vegan/seafood alternative for this! I need to browse for your brains too. That just didn’t sound right! Haha!

  20. Eye’m glad to see you’re back, Nikki, with mojo definitely intact!

  21. Well you know I love these…they are frickin’ awesome Ms. Canary! I will be making these this month, the more blood the betta’.

  22. yes, the appearance is slightly disturbing and off-putting, but i’d still devour those eyeballs, juicy pulp and all. :)

  23. Yay! You’re back :)

    These look great. Eye think eye might like ‘em!

  24. What a way to arrive back!!!! My children cannot understand why we do not celebrate Halloween. I try and explain to them that it is an American tradition, but they just want to share in all the fun. Maybe eye must just make these as a compromise.

  25. Katie, hee! Yep, that’s the idea.

    Thanks, Marie!

    Valli, oooh! I’d love to see what you have planned. I’ve been working on my menu, too.

    Kat, I bet they’d love it! :)

    Thank you, Deborah!

    Bethany, how fun for Luke! I wonder if something like falafel would work? Or soy “meat”?

    Thank you, Terry!

    Let me know if you like them Cathy! :)

    Grace, disturbing is key for Halloween fare. lol

    Hi RG! Thanks!

    Nina, I can relate to them wanting to share in the fun! Spanish folk don’t celebrate Halloween either, but that is beginning to change…For us, it’s important to keep some of the fun American traditions going, even over here. :)

  26. oh that’s chicken~ was trying to figure out what that was. so much fun – love the humour you add to your posts ;-)

  27. Those are way cool Nikki! I love em. Last year I made PB eyeballs dipped in white chocolate for a halloween party, but I much prefer this savory version!

  28. Great looking Halloween themed meal!

  29. Eye carumba! Those look yummy!

  30. eyem so glad u used chicken y no puerco!! this looks so funny and i’m sure you all will have a blast eating it!! black olives, que rico… love love them…

  31. OH, how cool. I adore Halloween. I had a full trick dinner last night for my mother in law where everything looked like desserts and was really dinner. In two weeks, I will be doing a “scary lunch” so I will put this on my list.

  32. these are FANTASTIC, Nikki!! a bit scary… but fantastic!!

  33. No, not too gross to look delicious at all– it looks like tomato-ey gold to me! ;) I think what would make me think twice is if it had fine veins all over them, hahaha! :)

  34. Looks very very yummy!!! I got an award waiting for you on my blog :)

  35. Oh my gosh, how did I miss these stomach turning (but in deliciously good way!) eyeballs? They look fabulous and I can’t wait to see the rest of your Halloween stuff!

  36. Those are fantastic!!!!

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  38. I cannot believe that is almost that time again. I cannot believe that is almost the end of September and really only a matter of weeks until Halloween. I was looking up Appetizer Recipes when I saw this and knew that I would definitely have to make this for our annual Halloween Party this year. What a fabulous idea, not to mention they sound delicious! I work with Better Recipes so I am always reviewing recipes but I love seeing ones like this that are so creative.

  39. Hello Dude , i read w/ ur posting. Do you have twitter or facebook so i can follow you ?

  40. Techniques to Do you recognise this ?

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