Icky Intestines for your Halloween Guests

Bwa-ha-ha-haaaaa!  These gory and gross intestines are actually freakishly delicious!

I’m bringing this pic back from last year, because I’m sure those of you that are planning your night of fright are looking for fun things to serve up to your ghosts and goblins! These intestines are super quick to make, and the filling can either be savory or sweet, depending on whether you want to serve them as an appetizer, main or dessert. I like to fill mine with guacamole, but am contemplating filling them with empanada filling this year. You could really fill them with anything….a couple of ideas would be to use spanakopita filling, sloppy joe filling, or for a sweet version, fill it with nutella or vanilla pastry cream and some jam. I save a huge chunk of time by buying premade puff pastry for these. Usually the day of the party there is always so much putzy stuff to do, so the quicker the better!

Check out the step by step photos HERE.


1 pound (400 grams) packaged puff pastry
1 recipe of guacamole (or filling of choice)
1 egg, beaten
food coloring and a small paint brush


Preheat oven to 375ºF/190ºC.
Line a baking sheet with parchment.
Now, you’ll need to cut your pastry into long rectangular strips and paste them together (brush a little beaten egg and press down–it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, after baking, the seams don’t show anyway) to form a loooooong strip of dough.
Spread your filling down the entire center of the dough, leaving a bit of space on each side to pinch closed.
Brush the edges with a little egg and pinch the whole thing closed.
Carefully lift the intestine onto the baking sheet and form an intestine looking thing, rolling it over so the pinched edge is on the bottom.
Brush the pastry with beaten egg.
Dip your small brush into some red food coloring (I added a little blue, too, to get a darker color) and paint on the “blood.”
Bake for about 20 minutes, just until golden, but not overly brown.

I’m hoping to get pics of the process when I make this this year to give you a better picture of what I’m explaining rather badly in words. lmao

Enjoy! And try not to scare the pants off of your guests! Unless, you know, you’re into that sort of thing. ;)

93 Responses to “Icky Intestines for your Halloween Guests”

  1. This is great! I’ll seriously consider making this for my dinner on the 31st.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    // Mike

  2. How fun! I haven’t even thought of Halloween food yet. I’m lovin’ your ‘gross’ posts :)

  3. Nikki, 2 years now & you making the awesomest, scariest Halloween goodies out there!

  4. haha, this is great and yeah, they do sound delicious!

  5. Bwaaaaaaahhhhhhh…scary stuff Nikki. Very goulish for those trick or treaters young and old (or lets say kids at heart:D

  6. These are hilarious, the thought of guac in these really grosses me out for some reason…

    I picture these with more of a fruity filling.

    Great idea either way.

  7. You are really getting into the spirit! :) Before you know it, you’ll be ordering those brain gelatin molds online!

  8. Nikki, you are so creative! This looks great! Mmmm, guacamole…

  9. Very clever Nikki! It looks so good!

  10. So clever! and realistic! and best of all, easy. Definitly on my todo list

  11. OMG, those look absolutely disgusting…

    I think that’s one of the things I could make, but could not eat, lol.

  12. Oh now I love you for sure! This is awesome my Halloween sister! Thank you!

  13. How funny! How creative! I love that bwaha ha ha.

  14. That looks awful! You definitely got me there. Came from foodgawker and this deserves a stumble!

  15. Hi Swedish Mike! Thanks for stopping by. Always happy to inspire! ;)

    Hi RG! I start planning Halloween looooong before it actually happens! We have a Monster bash every year. :)

    Peter, heee! Glad you like them.

    Furious, aren’t they fun? Fun to gross out the party goers. hehe

    Val, aren’t they just gross? hee!

    Jon…I was *trying* to gross you out. lmfao But yeah! I think a sweet filling would be great in these!

    Mark, don’t think I haven’t tried. Don’t think I haven’t tried….I have to make my *own* dang brain shape. By hand. The horror! lol

    Thanks, Elly!

    Thank you, Judy!

    Temperance, thanks! Let me know if you try it out!

    Ashley, HAHA! You could eat this. I *know* you could.

    Cathy! Thanks so much! I’m loving your Halloween posts, too!

    Hee Lori! Glad you liked them!

    Thank you so much, Pink Parisian! Aren’t they just icky? But the best part is that they taste SO gooooood! lol

  16. This looks freakishly AMAZING, Nikki! Your mojo is certainly back and is on a roll :)

  17. Gee, looks gross! But good for halloween! I might try make them! Thanks :)

  18. that’s so freakin’ realistic, i’m not sure i could eat it! oh, wait–there’s guacamole inside? yeah, i could definitely get past the look of it. :) great creation!

  19. Oh my GOD… I know you don’t show the inside of this pastry but just THINKING about what the guacamole must look like is turning my stomach.

    I love it. :)

  20. Dear Nikki you are really the dream of my daugther, she only want I kae some horror things to Hallowen and she saw a little tumbs cookiess!!! and she want I make them. !!!!!! helpp (are so cute) xxxGloria

  21. This looks surprisingly like a dish that a Bosnian friend of mine makes, but she uses mince in the filling and filo on the outside…but when it’s cooked? Totally intestine. LOVE. IT.

  22. These are outrageously awesome! Love the combination… and the fact that it looks utterly realistic is truly fantastic.

  23. Sooo – can I just tell you how much I’m loving this? I saw it on tastespotting and I knew I needed to add you as my new friend – lol!


  24. Goodness! You really got me there – I thought they were intestines being prepared for something. Great Halloween dish.

  25. Hi Tony! Thanks!

    Thanks, Angie! Let me know if you try them!

    Grace, I know you could do it. There is guac involved! And puff pastry! hehe

    Hee! Chris, that is totally the idea! It’s supposed to look raunchy, but taste delicious. lol

    Gloria mi amor! Hay que hacer las galletitas de dedos pa’ella! Son super fáciles, and muy ricas.

    Hi Tina! Mmmmm. Phyllo. That sounds delish, too!

    Hi Lo! Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed them. :)

    Hi Darius! I’ve seen you around on other blogs! Thanks for adding me, I’ll have a look at your page, too! :)

    Lunch Lady, Hee! That real, huh? Thanks!

  26. You have “guts” posting a recipe like this on a food blog…….enjoy Halloween. This is so funny!!

  27. Oh, I adore Halloween, but I am not sure if I could eat these–I might serve them to guests though.

  28. Another great Halloween themed dish!

  29. This looks so fun and easy! I might try it with cherry pie filling and cream cheese or something. Depends on what the rest of the crowd is bringing. Thanks for the great idea!

  30. That is not icky…that is creative cool for halloween… You are allowed to think different,,

    Or members of recipebuddys.com are looking for Unique and tasty recipes…maybe you can post some of your recipes on the site… I am sure the members would be very greatful…thanks


  31. Pretty realistic Nik – I’d love to serve this to my niece and nephew and watch them go “Euuuwww”

  32. That is the most deliciously disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

  33. Nikki, these intestines are awesome!!! I can’t wait to freak out my Halloween guests with them!!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe with us. We are excited to have it in this week’s FoodieView Recipe Roundup!

  34. girl you’re so crazy!
    I love this freaky ass creation.

  35. Disgusting!! I love it!!!! :)

  36. These look disgustingly delicious, Nikki!

  37. my hubby and I watched the Iron Chef Halloween special last night where the secret ingredient was “offal.” They used gross things like duck tongues, tripe, chitlins, pig feet, etc. He walked by the computer while I was perusing your recipe and thought I was looking at “offal” again..*lol* After I told him what it really was, he’s all for making this for our Halloween party…it looks disgustingly fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)
    I am wondering if the guacamole is going to turn to moosh in the oven though…*ponders*

  38. this is so gross, it’s funny!!

  39. Hey Nikki!

    These look awesome. I took the liberty to make my own version and filled them with Peanut butter and Nutella!

    They turned out pretty sinful. Check it out:



  40. Those are amazing in a disturbing sort of way!!!

  41. This is one great creation. You are so creative.

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  43. This has to be by far the coolest Halloween “treat” ever!!!!! I can’t wait to make it!!! I know the little ones will just love it and the big ones will be in awe….thank you, thank you for this amazing idea!!!!!!

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  46. thank you so much for posting this i have an anatomy class and we are doing a lucheon and this will be perfect!!!!!!!!

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  48. O.M.G. This is the “WORST” Halloween gross food EVER. Love it!

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  50. Love this! And if you have an aversion to using food coloring, may I suggest raspberry jam (if it is a sweet filling) and pureed roasted red pepper sauce (if it is a savory). I am going to make this with spinach and feta filling! Yum and gross!

  51. This may be one of the most disgustingly amazing recipes that I have seen for Halloween. Despite the fact that I know what it is made of based on the recipe you listed it makes me cringe every time I look at the picture. I will definitely be adding it to my Halloween Recipes this year. I know my son will go crazy for it, I cannot wait until next week. I work with Better Recipes so I am always reviewing recipes but I have to say that Halloween recipes are my favorite! You cannot beat the level of gross creativity!

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  54. ewww! those look so real! featuring you today over @ crazydomestic.com!

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  56. Wonderful! I used pb & j. Cut the dough into 6 strips, filled each individually & put in the pan, attaching the next one to it. Worked great!

  57. Just wanted to let you know that I made this today, but used a blueberry filling that i created. That didn’t work out so well as the blueberry juice kind of leaked out all over the pan, however it just looked like blood so it was all good.
    The boys I made it for loved it and it was delicious! So thanks :)

  58. I feel in love with your recipe and made my own version of it a few weeks ago for a horror movie night with friends. I am gluten intolerant and ended up using spring roll wrappers and had a fantastic time whipping this up with a few friends. THANKS for the inspiration.


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  61. I am soooo making this for my party this year! It looks amazing! Now what to stuff it with… hmmmmmm

  62. I followed this recipe in 2010 and it was my favorite flavored dish of the party. EVERYONE liked them. And they have flair presentation. Great job on disgusting yet delicious Halloween food.

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  69. What is the plastic looking stuff in the picture?

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  72. Happy Tasty Tuesday! We love this recipe and it is featured on our Happy Halloween Recipes! Thanks!


    Was looking for a non kiddie SAVORY dish for a party this past weekend and stumbled upon this. I am not a cook by any means but gave it a try and everyone loved it. Have already been asked to make it again this weekend.
    Not sure if it was a lack of attention to detail or the sangria I was drinking while throwing this together but I seem to have broken a lot of the rules but it still worked. Right or wrong here’s what I did – I left mine seam side up but made sure to roll the seam tight. put dark taco sauce on instead of food coloring for the blood (it was filled with guacamole and cheese). Didn’t brush with an egg so it would look white/flatter (really forgot the egg but hey that’s what I told myself) . I made it in 2 separate pieces instead of making it so long – didn’t have the counter space. Also left it a little loose in the pan which made the pastry plump up all crispy. This will definitely be my go-to halloween dish!

    Thanks so much!!

  74. I just made this for a party tomorrow and it looks pretty good! I used peanut butter and Nutella for the filling. Should I keep it in the refridgerator overnight or at room temperature?

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  85. This is PERFECT! Absolutely gruesome and yet, still sounds delicious! I am definitely going to bring this to our couples “undead” halloween party this year! Thanks!

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  92. I would like to surprise my guests with this cake design

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