Now THAT is Some Looooong Dough, Man.

Finally! I’m posting the step by step pics for the Icky Intestines–Check it out, pic by pic after the jump.

So there you have the dough, all pieced together forming a long assed soon to be intestine.

Next, you’ll want to add your filling of choice down the center.  Tip: Mine is wayyy too full.  I had to take about half of it out to get the thing closed, and it *still* got a little messy.

After laying out the filling, you’ll want to pinch the pastry together.  It doesn’t matter if it isn’t pretty, the seam goes down anyway, and any tears can be easily repaired by stretching the dough a little.  I know this because I screwed up several times.  There was swearing involved.  Alot of it.  

I just can’t get over how freaking long this sucker is.

Now, carefully, (you’ll have to move your baking sheet along so that the intestine doesn’t break) form the intestine in the parchment lined pan, forming an intestinal shape as you go.  How often have you used *that* sentence in your life?  I’ve used it more times that you might think. lmfao

Fix any tears by smooshing the pastry back together.  They’re intestines fer cryin out loud, who cares if they’re not perfectly perfect?

Brush a little beaten egg onto the intestines.

Now you’ll want to mix your color—I use about a tablespoon or 2 of red with 2 drops of blue for a nice deep red. (hey!  gratuitous dog shot in the background!)

 Using a small paintbrush, paint the blood onto the intestines. 

Look at that gory pan-o-guts!

Now pop em into the oven to bake…you can find the full recipe and instructions HERE.

35 Responses to “Now THAT is Some Looooong Dough, Man.”

  1. How clever Nikki!!! I’m glad you posted the step by step shots…makes it easier to imagine!

  2. Oh wow! Your coloring job is awesome on those bad boys! This is barely even food. It is ART.

    Amazing stuff. I made a version of this from Nikki’s older post and filled it with peanut butter and Nutella. It was a great sweet alternative! (You can see it on my site.)

    She is serious when she says just a drop or two of blue. I ended up with purple blood the first time I did it!

  3. Well, if the pastry had a tear in it, it’d be perforated intestines! An unpleasant experience for the owner (well, aside from the fact someone’s ripped his intestines out, lol). That is fantastic work, thanks for sharing! (And yes, it is freaking long!)

  4. that’s awesome Nikki, you so talented

  5. that is just too awesome! :-)

  6. GROSS coool

  7. You’ve absolutely gone bonkers making “to scale” intestines! This would be a hit w/ kids and adults like…you’re the Halloween goodies champ, hands down!

  8. I Love it – thanks for the step by step!


  9. Now that’s clever, while I was reading I was wondering how you were going to bake it, but you did a great job! :-p

  10. I’m doing this tonight (or tomorrow morning), Nikki, but my countertop isn’t nearly as long as yours, so I think I’ll do it in smaller sections, then squiggle the sections together in the pan. How did you close off the ends? Or did you?

  11. I think I am going to skip the blood!

  12. Totally gross. I love it!!

  13. You are too cool. I have that same knife! (isn’t it funny how us women notice stuff like that?) lol

  14. this is so very fabulous. frankly, i don’t have a counter long enough to accommodate intestine-making. i’m okay with that though, because mine would never look as awesome as yours and being the highly competitive person that i am, that’d just upset me. :)

  15. I so wish I had the time to do this. It just looks like such a load of fun and would be even better getting the kids involved. It’s grossly delicious looking.

  16. What? I uses that sentence *all* the time. hehe.

  17. Nikki!

    How creative and… spoooooky! Lol

    Love your ideas!

    Happy Halloween!

    Gabi @

  18. Nikki Only I say OH MY GOD!! You are so talent and snart baby!!! Yes and daugther will be happy with you she loves Hallowen!! xxxGloria

  19. uppps! I want to say SMART!!!

  20. This is the best halloween dish ever. Great!

  21. That is one loooooonggggg counter you have there Nikki. Spooktacular idea!!

  22. Thanks for the step by step pictures! You are amazing!

  23. ok, i don’t think i could make this in our small brooklyn apartment! not enough space to make and lay out dough that long! it is super-creative, though!

  24. that’s awesome Nikki, you so talente. She is serious when she says just a drop or two of blue. I ended up with purple blood the first time I did it!d.

  25. OMG, this looks way cool. Even though halloween has come and gone, I’m still going to make it. I might go with a guava/cream cheese filling, and sprinkle the top with some sugar. YUM!!!

  26. [...] 5. Gory and gross intestines [link] [...]

  27. [...] string of pastry, stuff it, and paint it up with food coloring like an intestine (see recipe and photo blog). Fill it with whatever you want: some people just won’t eat it. (Bugs optional.) Gory [...]

  28. Can I make this a day ahead (without baking), then the next day just pop it in the oven?

  29. I love this, I am making it for my mans Halloween party at work.
    thank you.

  30. I love this, I have been searching all day for inspiration for the perfect potluck dish for work and I think this is it! I’m going to try and make a large and small intestine….Meat filled and a dessert filled in the smaller one. Awesome!

  31. Can I make this the day before and then cook before we head to the party?

  32. This is awesome! Being the procrastinator that I am, I’ve been looking at recipes for the gathering I’m headed to… tonight. Unfortunately, this may take too much time (with a baby crawling around underfoot, demanding attention), but I am bookmarking this for a future event! Well done!

  33. Going to make this for the second time ;-) The first Halloween party I made it for I won the food contest and this year at another party (different people of course) there will be a food contest! I am sure to win again!!!! Not just because it’s perfect food decor but because it’s good! I made two last time and it was GONE!

  34. What was the meat filling that you used? Just curious…taco meat?

  35. Absolutely PERFECT for health care professional parties! I used Nutella and raisins for more realistic “stool” LOVE it!

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