Remember this guy?

Look at him now!

Maybe it’s dumb to be so proud of the *one* orange my patio tree yielded, but if you knew what that poor tree endured over the summer, you’d be elated, too. lmao  My youngest son?  Has systematically removed *all* of the tiny little oranges that began on that tree.  Except for the one.  Why?  I have no clue.  I think we’ve finally gotten it into his head that the trees need to be left alone, but during the process he (very slyly, I might add) picked off every. Single. Orange. Except this one.  I don’t get it?  Is this the prodigal orange?  Meant for greatness?  Is this supposed to be like the orange of Eden?  Not to be partaken of?  I don’t know.  It baffles me why he left this, the biggest fruit on the tree, when all of the tiny baby oranges disappeared one by one.  I get that my kid is a ball fanatic, and baby oranges *could* look like little balls, but this, the big one, the more “play with me” sort of sized orange was left alone.  It IS a mystery.  But, then, the other day the orange must have been ready to be freed of it’s pedestal, freed from its “chosen orange” status.  Because it just dropped off the tree all on its own.  Today is the day I cut into this precious little fruit.  Should I share it with the kid that spared it’s life?  I think I just might. ;)

25 Responses to “Remember this guy?”

  1. Maybe he thought by cutting off energy and nutrients going to the other oranges he could create one giant super-orange? Lol.

  2. I’d be proud too! How did it taste? Was it all that?

  3. Was it delicious???? We had problem with our oranges tasting terrible. But then the state came and so kindly (not) removed it for me so I no longer have to worry about them!

  4. Hey, I’m with ya. I’ve got a lone lemon growing on my little lemon tree in the backyard. I’m waiting for yellow!

  5. I don’t know why, but little kids are fascinated by little things. My daughter used to hoard tiny things. I think she thought they were made just for her because she was tiny too. Thank goodness that beautiful orange was spared! I hope you savor ever bite!

  6. I had the same with my tomato plants, my little one brought me the flowers saying…”Mommy, this is for you!” Yeah, go one, share it with him….he gave you a good story to tell, didn’t he?

  7. I always believed it’s not quantity but quality – your orange is perfect.

  8. Ever see the Family Feud when a family was aksed to name a fruit with the letter A?

    The dude answered “aaaranage”! lol

  9. There is always something special about food you grew yourself

  10. LOL @ the prodigal orange – hilarious. How did it taste?

  11. all i want for christmas is an orange tree…and a home in an area with the climate appropriate for one… :)

  12. So???? How was it?!?!!

  13. neato, i want one of those… well probably won’t flourish in jersey, but hey

  14. Ja, ja, ja… well being your name Nikki… we know it’s not the Eden one ;D

  15. At least there was the one. I can’t imagine why he did what he did either. I hope you both enjoyed the prodigal orange though!

  16. it’s a charlie brown orange tree!

  17. So…how’d it taste? Was it incredible, the motherload of oranges???

  18. Hi everyone! The orange was good! Just a little bit sour, but ooooh so tasty.

    @Claudia—LMFAO, from now on, my orange tree is going to be called Charlie. hehe

  19. Querida Nikki, Dice Gerardo (hubby) que deberìas hacerle una pequeña protecciòn al arbolito para “posibles pelotazos”, yo agrego (habìa dejado otro comment pero no sè que pasò) es la època ideal para podarlo un poco, esto le darà una fuerza màs pareja, y echarle un poco de abono (urea) sòlo un poco y se mjoda despues. El otoño es el tiempo ideal para esto, me encantan las naranjas, tengo como tres naranjos y ninguno me ha dado todavìa (muchos cambios de clima) asì que tu da gracias a Dios por esa maravillosa naranja, LOL xxxxxxxGloria

  20. That lone orange on the tree reminds me of the xmas tree from a Charlie Brown Xmas.

  21. What a cute story! I have one of those little boys myself! He is into everything. One time I came into the kitchen to see what was making him laugh SO hard and found him on the kitchen island flinging cherry tomatoes all over the room!

  22. Ha! My kids one year pulled off all the apples, I couldn’t beleive it becuase they had to climb to get them.

  23. Maybe he was tasting them all, and finally learned that they don’t taste great (small, peel-on).

    Kids are insane.

  24. I have been missing out on being able to grow things living in my apartment with no good source of sunlight. The orange looks good.

  25. I had a dwarf orange tree too, my wife killed it by putting it outside “to get some sun” one winter day. We live in NY.

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