Yes. I am truly losing my mind. For real this time.

Some of you already know my embarrassing story of the week.  Others are in for a hearty little giggle today.

So, there I was, reeeeaally early Monday morning (like 5am early) and I wake up in a full on panic attack. (I get those from time to time) The kind of attack that leaves one breathless, scared half to death that a heart attack is totally underway. Sometimes these happen to me for no apparent reason, but that was not the case (or maybe it was, actually) the other day. I woke up knowing that I had forgotten Thanksgiving. That it was *this* Thursday, and hadn’t planned, hadn’t purchased and hadn’t invited anyone. I anxiously awaited a suitable time to start making the phone calls (I don’t think potential guests would have been impressed with a 5am phone call, you?). I rushed to the market and bought tons of things and reserved my turkey at the butcher. Still in a panic, I began the list . A sort of play by play of what I need to do and when to orchestrate this grand feast for family and friends that I had only a couple of days to prepare for. I was feeling a little better, still freaked the eff out that I had so little time, but hey.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. Again, my internal body monster clock decided that 5am would be a fascinating and wonderful time to be awake. You know, since there’s so much to do at that time of day. Obviously, I logged onto the computer to go through my Google reader. Duh, no brainer, right? The thing is, my homepage is My Yahoo. On which I have my calender, links, news, etc. So I glance over at the calender and am all like, “WTF isn’t Thanksgiving listed for Thursday?! That’s so weird!” I clicked on next week’s Thursday, and there it was. “Thanksgiving, US.” Can someone PLEASE tell me why I am such a mental case? Kthx.

At any rate, the food is bought, the guests are invited. We ARE celebrating a week early (on Friday, actually, because of work schedules, etc). So look for some Pre-T-Day fare over the next few days.

32 Responses to “Yes. I am truly losing my mind. For real this time.”

  1. LOL! It happens to all of us. At least you’re organised and I look forward to seeing your feast. Good luck!

  2. Okay! And why didn’t your guests say anything!? Ha ha ha. Anyway, a feast is a feast– maybe you can spend next week with some other friends! Stress-free! ;)

  3. Hey in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. I don’t think it matters what day you celebrate as long as you’re surrounded by family and friends:D

  4. Hilarious…like totally hilarious!

  5. the way you cook, i’ll eat a thanksgiving dinner by you any time!

  6. i know its not funny, but it is! i’m glad you got it all sorted out :-)

  7. Oh, that is just too funny! Though I think it would be easy to get the dates messed up if you aren’t in the State

  8. Hey, I know it’s next Thursday, and I haven’t done anything either. I did order a turkey, I guess. I always have my shit so together, then something still goes awry. Shrug.

  9. Hey welcome to the club! LOL Good thing is that my social life sucks lately and those kind of attacks have stopped. I am looking forward to what you are going to make for Turkey day :)

  10. You just absolutely crack me up!!! That is so normal for me it’s not even funny. Usually I can get everyone in the family all worked up as well…at least you keep it to yourself!!

    Your Thanksgiving will be great. And on the real one you can just put your feet up and relax. You’re already done!

  11. Maybe you should serve nutballs to your guests! I can only imagine the dirty talk that would ensue.
    Gobble gobble!!

  12. LOL, those kinds of things happen to me all the time. At least you are prepared! And for an early Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to see what you make!

  13. The bad news: you’re a nutball. The good news: you’re a really-well-prepared-for-Friday-Thanksgiving nutball.
    And we all have the 5am devil inside of us. I was up this morning about 5…or more to the point not wanting to up at 5…menu planning for a dinner party this Sunday. There is no escape!!!

  14. Love the story and it sounds too familiar.
    We celebrated our Thanksgiving last Saturday and I was annoyed and perplexed as to why in the Sunday paper the next day there were sale adds for turkey etc. Didn’t these people KNOW Thanksgiving was yesterday? Uh, duh, only our was. I feel your pain. ;)

  15. Well, I don think you are loosing your mind at all! This is what I called “anxious” and thinking too much?? Happens to me once awhile;)

  16. It’s just so late this year! One of the latest dates it’s capable of being, save for next year. Understandable.

    I’m still laughing at you though. :D

  17. You’re funny… but not so unusual. I think all of us foodie types wake up in some sort of panic attack regarding food at one time or another. (and here I am at 5:49am going thru Google Reader… you’re not alone my dear!)

  18. is it wrong to laugh at other people’s goofball moves? if it is, i guess i should be punished because i do it all the time, and i’ve just done it to you. :)

  19. OMG that’s so funny, I know the feeling and it’s the worst! Glad you got it all together and can’t to see what you come up with!

  20. You were able to fix things in time for your guests to celebrate your own thanksgiving. Hmmmmm, your case is not yet that nutty.

  21. Oh poor you!!!! I have phoned people on their birthdays before only to find out I am a week early……..s……happens!!!!

  22. Peter, forcibly organized! lol

    Mark, no one said anything because Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated here. No one else realized the mistake until after I did. LOL

    Val, agreed!

    Darius, hee! I laughed a little, too.

    Furious, well, dinner is at 4 today. I’ll set an extra place, k?

    Ashley, it is. I can admit it.

    Kat, that is TOTALLY the excuse I’m going with.

    Heather, yes, I can usually manage to fuck up a perfectly good plan. lol

    Ben, Glad your a little less frazzled, but get into the groove and go out, man! ;)

    Judy, laugh at will. Happy to be of service. lol

    Becky, now there’s an idea. heee

    Elly, just making the old standby’s, though dessert is a killer this year. :)

    Wineguy, maybe we need to join some sort of support group for 5am food panic attacks. Hello…my name is Nikki…lmao

    Erinn, isn’t that always the way?

    Angie, thanks. I’m used to my nutball ways. I’m ok with them. lol

    Melissa, it IS late this year!

    RG, hee! I think you’re right about the foodie community.

    Grace, absolutely not. Or if it is? I’m totally going to hell.

    Hi Cathy! Yes, I’m a total dork. lol

    Emeka, talk to me later on when I’m full in the throes of trying to pull this off. Nutty won’t even begin to cover it. lmao

    Nina, It’s ok. We can just say that we’re too excited to wait! ;)

  23. i lived in australia for many years and although i never got the day wrong, it was important to me to make the meal. so good on ya, mate. nice going. can’t wait to see whatcha made. i think tonight’s the big night! but it’s later there so it’s over…. or os it next week… see? now you have confused me….

  24. I often forget about holidays as well. I look forward to seeing what you make.

  25. I have been secretly reading your blog for awhile now. It is this time of year that makes me all nostalgic and melancholy. 12 years ago I was living in Las Islas Canarias and there is so much that I still miss terribly. It wasn’t until tonight that I realized that I could ask you.

    One Christmas eve, while on Tenerife, a friend had invited us over for dinner. We had vena de vaca, a vegetable stuffed beef tenderloin with a sauce. It was the best piece of beef I have ever had. Do you know what it is and how to fix it? This has been a 12 yr quest with poor results.

    I will continue to read your blog and with a deep sigh remember all the wonderful things about the islands.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  26. Wow girl! What a blast!!! This kind of thing has happened to me sometimes pero no tan fuerte and never waking up at 5:00 in the morning!!!!!

    But since I come from your last post (the ThanksGiving one) and seen that it has been a success… you should be happy about it :D . Maybe if you had celebrated it when you should…. it wouldn’t have been so good ;D

  27. I suck at remembering dates, special occassions and holidays…i prepared a bday gift for someone special once, and had to sneakily check his ID card to make sure i was gonna give my gift on the correct day. LOL

  28. But Nikki!

    You are fine since you are on a different time zone (US + 7 or so), right? So you are entitled to pre-season!

    Glad it turned out well!

    Gabi @

  29. Well dahlink – at least you can blame it on a panic attack. What you described is my life in a nutshell – so what’s my excuse – sometimers? The good news is that we can all still laugh at ourselves and salvage for another day. It is kinda funny though isn’t it (after the fact)


  31. man… life is stressful. i’m w/ becky – XANAX baby! poor girl… panic attacks suck.

  32. Next year I´ll remember you the correct day. Hohoho

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