Laaawd Almaaaghty! I’m not dead! Unless this is Heaven.

Good Gawd people!  Ever wonder what it would be like to live without the internet for oh, say, a WHOLE MONTH?  Jaaaaayzuz.  Let me just tell you it sucks ginormous rocks.  I am beginning to think that this little “paradise” we live in is really just a disguise for its third worldliness.  I mean, come ON!  Why in the hell did it take them a month to restore service?!  Here’s the story.  We decided to switch internet providers (actually, the whole thing, tv, internet and phone).  No problem, right?  We call the people, they promise to come within a week or two (outrageous, that seemed at the time. Can you imagine?).  I was a little pissed, but hey, I figured, a week or two, that’s not too bad.  We can rough it, read more, play board games etc.  It’ll be like camping, you know, without the bugs.  A little over a MONTH later we finally have internet.  Our phone service was never cut off (see?  They know we make a lot of international calls, and it wouldn’t be profitable to cut us off there).  I honestly believe that the first company did this *just* to punish us for switching providers.  Bunch of effers.  They could have waited until we asked them to disconnect the service, I mean, we would have paid them for the extra month.  *insert wildly dramatic eye rolling here*

I never realized how MUCH I depend on the internet.  I mean, sure, there’s this site, obviously, but even the little things.  My recipes are almost all online.  I couldn’t get to new recipes I wanted to try for the holidays, or even old ones.  I had to wing *everything*.  Thank God I kind of know what I’m doing or I would have been screwed.  This year was my turn to host *every* *single* *holiday* *meal*.  I’m not complaining about that part, but jaaaayzuz.  I had no time to breathe, let alone make up recipes, and set up photo shoots.  I also did *all* the holiday shopping, *all* the wrapping and still kept my kids and house under wraps.  Mostly.  (What?  I’m not freaking superwoman! lmfao)  Ok, I didn’t lose any of my kids and–AND–my house did not collapse onto itself.  Victory.  Also?  I am a youtube junkie.  I listen to music on there ALL the time.  We use the net for the kids’ homework, so some of my daughter’s stuff had to be done elsewhere.

So, anything positive from the experience?  Well, that depends.  I think I spent roughly $9000 at the bookstore.  They love me now.  They said thanks for the vacation to the Greek islands.  So, they’re happy about it, I guess.  I have caught up on a bunch of books that I wanted to read.  I actually *did* play lots of board games with the kids (and bunches of Wii, too).   Also, I didn’t realize how much entertaining I was capable of.  Apart from Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and King’s Day, we also had several impromptu family get togethers.  No one was hurt!  (except a few champagne glasses on New Years)

I’m hoping to get back into the swing soon–The kids just went back to school yesterday, but next week?  I am going to dust off my camera and start cooking up a veritable storm of non holiday food stuffs. 

Thanks for sticking by me, even when I wasn’t here.  Love you, readers!!  XOXO

26 Responses to “Laaawd Almaaaghty! I’m not dead! Unless this is Heaven.”

  1. Great to see you back…good to hear you survived!

  2. Welcome back Nikki! Actually those positive things do sound very nice indeed. BUT I don’t claim that I can live without the internet either, heh heh heh :) There has to be at least an internet cafe!

  3. Welcome back :]

  4. Welcome back. Glad you survived your internet vacation!

  5. who is this? you look a little like this pretty blonde from the canary islands that cooks like nobodies business… her name was … oh wait, tricki? licki? something like that….

  6. Yay Nikki!!! i missed you like crazy! I still think you are superwoman…

  7. Welcome back Nikki! I’ve missed your wonderful posts.

  8. I’m glad you’re back as well. Sounds like quite the ordeal! I would go crazy just for the food/recipe aspect.

    Happy 2009!

  9. We have to have a love/hate relationship with our computers. I suppose if my internet was down I would have to watch TV or read or use my cookbooks. The sky would fall for sure just like Henny Penny. But I am glad to see you are back!!!!

  10. well, i can already tell you that you handled it better than i ever would. i’m addicted, ADDICTED, to the internet. welcome back!

  11. Its good to see you back with us.

  12. Oh no! I could not, no way. I was without internet for a day and I was JONZING.
    I bet you are happy as ever to be back and kicking it.
    You were missed girlie!

  13. i’d been wondering where you were! i hadn’t seen you in my google reader for awhile and kept checking back thinking google reader was broken! =)

    happy new year and welcome back!

  14. SO glad you’re well. it’s weird how you get into this blog-thing and you start to get scared when someone disappears for a bit of time.

    Happy 2009

  15. Good to see you back! I had to LOL at lack of internet being like camping without the bugs. We were without it for about 3 weeks when we moved and it was SO horrible. Thankfully I had it at work so I got my fix, but man. Sounds like you had a busy holiday but I hope you enjoyed it and like your new books!

  16. I am going to need ID to verify that this is you!

  17. If I had to look at those turkey bones one more time…….nah…it’s good to have you back!

  18. Well, I was beginning to worry! Now I know you were just sucked into a million Monopoly games! Wow. I think I would die without the internet! Glad you are back.

  19. Welcome back, Nikki! A very entertaining return post. Looking forward to more great food and stories from you. Now get in the kitchen and don’t forget your camera!

  20. Thanks so much for the big welcome back, guys! You’re the best! :D

  21. My only question is this…how do they hook all those cabls up to your thatched roof? lmao!

    Missed you, sweets! muac!

  22. Your story just made us laugh! I married a Gran Canaria man, but we have lived in the states for 15 years. My man said that it is sooo typical of things in Spain… hey, since the government regulates everything there is not the competition, and the desire to help the customer, like we are used to in the USA. The food in Spain is great, and things pop up there before they become standard here, i.e. linguine for example. I would love to be there now, without the internet, just for the food!!!!

  23. Yay! I was wondering when you’d return to us. Welcome back, honey!

  24. A paradise isn’t a paradise without a good bandwith. *grin*

  25. Las compañías de teléfonos son las peores!!!!! After the banks, of course.

    I’m happy to see you back girl. Happy new year?

  26. Blog content is very good and I will come back to read it as an encouragement to the other

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