Salisbury Steak Doesn’t Have to Come From a Frozen Box

In fact, it’s a helluva a lot better if it doesn’t.

Growing up, I thought that Salisbury Steak only came in freezer boxes, and just really wasn’t that good. Well. THAT was a misconception. This stuff is great! It’s easy, quick, comforting and just downright homey. I like to serve it with the requisite mashed and corn, just like the tv dinners (you can’t blame me for nostalgia). This time I didn’t thicken the sauce, I just left it as is, and truth be told, it was fine. Thicken away if you so choose.


2 pounds (1 kilo) ground beef
1 egg
1/2 cup seasoned bread crumbs
1 package of Knorr Onion Soup (divided)
garlic powder to taste
pepper to taste
2 cups water (about)
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons Maggi (what’s that stuff called again? Kitchen Bouquet I think)
a sprig or 2 of thyme
some more pepper for good measure


In a large bowl, combine ground beef, egg, bread crumbs, 1/2 of the package of soup, garlic powder and pepper.
Mix it up with your hands, it’s the only way to really combine it all.
Form 8 patties.
Heat a large skillet over moderate heat and brown the patties on both sides.
Do this in batches if you need to, reserving cooked patties on a plate.
Using the same pan, add water, remaining soup, Worcestershire (jeez that word is hard to type), Maggi, thyme and pepper and stir it all up.
Test for seasoning.
Return patties to the pan and simmer over low heat for about 15 minutes.
Thicken sauce if you feel like it.

40 Responses to “Salisbury Steak Doesn’t Have to Come From a Frozen Box”

  1. I’ve never thought to make it from scratch either!

  2. I want to eat this right now.

  3. MMMM. I want this for breakfast. Is that wrong?

  4. Wow, that looks delicious!!!

  5. Nikki, these look delicious!! I like nostalgia, too. :)

  6. Oh, yum! It does bring back a lot of memories, even if I have never had a TV dinner version ;) The Filipino version, though, would have rice instead of potatoes! I dunno if it’s just my faulty memory but I think my mom added grated carrots, or maybe grated cheese :)

  7. 1st….it’s been forever since i’ve come by here! loving the new site.

    2nd…Hi! *LoL*

    and 3rd…this is DINNER! Ummm…this weekend cuz I just realized I’m working way too late tonight.

  8. It looks most delicious to me………

  9. wait… isn’t this supposed to be served in foil trays?

  10. Hey you are back…this looks awesome and since I grew up on these frozen, I want to try!

  11. yeah this looks way better than that frozen stuff. Waaaay better! We need some biscuits to sop it up.

  12. My grandmother used to make Salisbury steak. I think that is the only time I’ve had it. I should try it…. Better yet, I should make it for HER! She would probably love it.

  13. Um, YUM!

  14. I don’t think I have ever had Salisbury Steak from a box or otherwise, but this looks good!

  15. sadly, my only experience with salisbury steak is what i was served in the cafeteria during elementary school. i can only hope they didn’t do it justice. :)

  16. Gaaaaa. You keep coming and going…how can I keep track???? Love this recipe though and can’t wait to try it. Back for good now…I miss you!

  17. GO-JUS I tell you. I tried to make Sals steak without the gravy – nope – not the same. I love what you did with it – it’s A-1.

  18. Nikki, you’ve brought back memories from eating Salisbury steak at department store restaurants…loved them!

    Psst…new site’s up! ;)

  19. u rocked this one out girlfriend! what a good looking piece of meat!

  20. Wow, salisbury steak! Seriously?! I used to love this stuff, and probably still do but haven’t had it in probably 15 years! Yikes! I’m definitely going to add this to my recession proof cook book (also known as stuff I can make at home that tastes good and doesn’t break the bank!)

  21. That is comfort food. Why didnt I think to make that at home with fresh ingredients. Good job.

  22. I am so calling the hubs right now to take some ground beef out of the freezer RIGHT NOW!

  23. That looks tasty!

  24. Hah! I did it! Come see! And it was awesome! And yes, I gave you full credit… :-)

  25. I grew up on homemade Salisbury steak!! My step-dad made it all the time. He used 1/2 gnd beef and 1/2 gnd pork and put chopped onions and green peppers in the steaks. After they were browned he cooked them in a can of cream of mushroom soup mixed with Lipton Onion soup mix and water. Yummy!!!! I think that yours sounds great especially for picky eaters like my hubby who will not touch green peppers. I am going to try it soon. Thanks :-)

  26. I’ve tried this before, but just with one patty and it was delicious, although it was hard to make the sauce not so salty because I couldn’t divide the recipe by 8! I am making it tonight for dinner (using the whole recipe!) and I’m super-excited because it’s soooo good!

  27. Thank you, Serena! :D

  28. Nikki, do you mind if I post your link on my blog for this recipe? I am going to try it!!! I post my weekly menu and have now started finding recipes online and referring to them on my blog. This recipe looks SUPER!!! I am late putting together this weeks menu…so, would you let me know ASAP? THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  29. Sure! Go ahead! I’m thrilled to be included in your menu. :D

  30. What is Maggi? Would like to try the recipe but have no idea what that ingredient is.

  31. Maggi is similar to Kitchen Bouquet (I think they actually are the same product). :)

  32. Loving this recipe — do you have it in Spanish? Want to give it to a woman I work with who speaks little English. Thanks!

    BTW: Kitchen Bouquet is a browning and seasoning sauce for meats, gravies, and stews. I think it’s mostly used to make foods look darker and not so much a flavoring — what my mother says anyway.

  33. Oh my that looks delishious!

  34. This looks delicious! My husband and I are trying it tonight! We’ve tried in the past,, but were never satisfied. Your recipe looks great. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  35. This looks delicious! My husband and I are trying it tonight! We’ve tried in the past,, but were never satisfied. Your recipe looks great. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  36. We tried the recipe and loved it! This is the first recipe that we’ve tried where my husband was satisfied with the texture. thank you sooo much!! :)

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  38. i want to eat this right now toooooo

  39. superb i really like this yummmmy

  40. fantastic dish we will try to make this very soon good work done keep it up

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