The Yummiest Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are the absolute BEST peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.  Ever.

No, really. They are. A long time ago I was a member of this one recipe site…which I was later banned from. You know, for being a smart ass. What kind of freak gets banned from a recipe site, you ask? You’re lookin’ at her. haha Anyway, this recipe comes from someone I used to know at said site, and her name is P4. Apart from some of the best friends I have ever had the pleasure of knowing (Hi Brats! :D ), this is one of the only things that I have still hung onto from there.

These cookies are melt in your mouth, crispy on the outside, chewy on the sinside–er inside, you know what I mean. :P lol


1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 cup peanut butter
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
a pinch of salt
1 cup chocolate chips


First of all? I recommend doubling the recipe.
You won’t regret it, though your butt might. lol
Preheat oven to 375ºF (175ºC).
Line a cookie sheet or two with parchment.
Cream butter and sugars until creamy, then add egg and vanilla and beat until smooth.
Add Peanut butter and continue to beat until combined.
Add flour, baking powder and salt and stir to combine.
Add chips and stir again.
Drop small spoonfuls of dough onto parchment (you should get a dozen per sheet).
Bake 12 minutes or until just golden.
Remove from oven and allow to rest on the sheet 1 minute before removing with a spatula.
Serve with gallons and gallons of milk. :D
If you have kids, hide a stash for yourself, because these only lasted 2 days in my house. And I doubled the recipe. I had 3 cookies out of about 6 dozen that were baked.

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  1. yep, that in my belly now.

    marry me?

  2. These look awesome! I must make them soon. I think anyone who is smart ass enough to get kicked off a cooking site must be pretty kick ass! Love your blog!

  3. Mmm, these look so delicious!

  4. Mmm, delish looking. With a newborn, I don’t have a lot of time to prepare and cook, but I definitely need to make time to squeeze these in while she is napping!

  5. They look incredible and for those that banned you – damnit who needs them you come play with us anytime you would fit in great with us girls!!!

  6. Oh, wow, really they would ban you? I wonder what kinds of things you said! ;) Well, at least you got away with a fabulous looking cookie recipe! :)

  7. just put me in a room with a batch of these and a jug o’ milk and i won’t bother you for a day. :)

  8. they look delicious!

  9. Banned from a website…mmmmm, you must have been up to some mishief, ’cause I’ve seen some heavy stuff on websites before!!!..

    Lovely cookie recipe, thx for sharing!!!

  10. oh yeah the word sin is in here…love it

  11. Made the cookies- loved the cookies!

  12. These look amazing! Can’t wait to try these!

  13. They do sound exceptionally delicious Nikki:D

  14. I personally love the scandal involved in the history of this recipe acquisition :) That makes them *that* much more intriguing!

  15. Papyrus is a terrible font that is notoriously used by uneducated small businesses who asked their son in law to throw something together. It looks tacky, and using it waves ignorance in the face of the viewer. It looks bad in print, but it is a font that ABSOLUTELY should not be used online. I bet you didn’t even know that there are different classes of fonts like that huh? Keep this in mind and please remove all papyrus from your site, it doesn’t make you look original, it makes you look like everyone else who uses it to try and look original.

  16. I’ve had these cookies, and they DO kick ass! And so do you, Nik, hehe. Speaking as someone who’s in Banned Camp with you. ;)

    Oh, and Papyrus rocks my world!

  17. Querida Nikki!!! I missed you a lot!!! Nice cookies!! Im happy to see you again!!! besoos, Gloria

  18. Peanut butter and chocolate…yum! These look great!

  19. Don’t listen to that butthead above. Your site looks great! Anybody who is commenting on the fonts of your site needs to get a life. He is the ignorant one – not you. A web site (especially one of this nature) is an expression of one’s self; not an attempt to conform to business standards. Anyone leaving negative comments on a cooking blog about the designer’s choice of font ABSOLUTELY has self-confidence issues that need to be addressed.

    Love your site!

    Oh wait…. never mind.
    These look delicious.

  21. My husband would love these but I’d have to make them into a small batch recipe so that isn’t all he ate all day

  22. Holy moly, these look a-ma-zing!


  23. the cookies, of course, look ridiculously delicious and I plan on making them for my roommates (hooray for currying favor with cookies…)

    anyway, I saw the “Papyrus” comment, and in the hopes that that user will read this post, I leave the following advice: please, sir/madam: get a life. Demeaning others does not make you admirable. Similarly, calling people uneducated does not make you an intellectual. (Also, I think that ‘uneducated’ is poor word choice. I’ll ignore my own advice and proceed to make fun of your sentence construction. “uneducated” implies a profoundly pathetic lack of basic knowledge. If someone miscalculated simple algebra, for instance, you could call them uneducated. Using “uneducated” in a debate over stylistic choices, however, is simply amusingly ridiculous.

    It’s a blog. In addition, attacking the font of a blog seems a little out of place– and besides that, have you even ever browsed the internet? There are waaay worse graphic design offenses than the use of “papyrus” (which I actually happen to find visually pleasing in this context).

  24. Ré the Papyrus debate, well, as much of a jerk as he/she is (which would be VERY much of a jerk) this person is right about Papyrus. It’s a wretched font, and even more awful on the web as screen resolution isn’t fine enough to reproduce it’s banality accurately.

    Much web design is amateurish and ineffective. Obviously people with no design experience can’t be expected to do great design, and it’s not a moral failure, but, all things being equal…

    Cookies are good, canarygirl is good, but good design is good, too.

  25. Made these last night. They were *okay*

    Thanks for sharing

  26. Wow those look good – thanks for the recipe!

  27. I have a very similar recipe, but I add oatmeal to it.

  28. The author is obnoxious, but the recipe is great!

  29. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I’m so glad you liked the cookies! :)

    I happen to love Papyrus, and plan to keep it. Design *is* important, and I think it’s also important to realize that not everyone has the same tastes. So, I appreciate your comments as designers, and will follow my own fancy with the font.

    Roosevelt, you say “obnoxious” like it’s a bad thing. :P lmao

  30. MMMmmmmmm….

  31. I love obnoxious, especially when combined with baking! And why are people so bent out of shape over less than 5% of the wording on the page (granted its headings) being a “bad font”?? I could read it just fine, and didn’t think anything of it until I read all the comments and scrolled back up!

    Anyhow, the important topic is the recipe. I don’t generally like peanut butter cookies, but I have had a FEW that I have LOVED and I am hoping beyond hope that this compares or blows them out of the water! :D

  32. i doubt they are the best ever

  33. I highly recommend you try the peanut butter cookies on the Smitten Kitchen blog. These are my favorite, and I’m not even a big peanut butter fan. I can eat these way too quickly; I thus have to avoid making these too often. Enjoy! Here is the link:

  34. I made them and they’re awesome! Thanks for the recipe!

  35. These cookies look like they have just the right amount of crunch and for certain the best combination of flavours. That’s my subjective view and isn’t “the best” usually subjective :)

  36. whenever I stumble recipes I usually thumb them up or down according to the likelihood of me making them, how I like the list of ingredients and how pretty the food photography is (lets face it, we eat with our eyes first).

    BUT! this time I stared at the page for about an hour, waited about a week, and eventually actually MADE them and they are absolutely delicious!!! :D

    My friends and family really liked them and complimented their addictiveness. So yes, I am glad I doubled the recipe, this one is going to my family’s scrap-cook-book :D

    (P.S. I seldom leave comments on anything, consider this the biggest compliments of them all ;) ).

  37. Guess I’m the weird one in the crowd. Saw the font and first thing (even before reading the recipe) I tried to find out what it is, because I liked it so much!! Apparently, fonts are in the eye of the beholder. Any one who dithers on about someone’s choice of anything that goes on their personal website is in serious need of therapy. P.S. I’ll try the recipe now that I’ve read it. Thanks for letting me vent.

  38. banned from a recipe site? good lord woman, even on an island we can’t get you a bit tame? lol
    next time you make your bad ass pb cookies try using just dark brown sugar–awesome. I’m telling ya.

  39. Peanut butter and chocolate chip is a winning combination. Right up there with oatmeal raisin choc. chip (sounds like too much, but it’s like a Chunk in a cookie).

  40. You’re right. These are AMAZING. I could not stop eating them. Thanks so much :)

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  42. I made the cookies and they were delicious. I should have listened to you when you said to make a double batch. They disappeared so fast!

  43. I will take 2 dozen of these please… thanks in advance and let me know if you need my mailing address :)

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  45. Hi there – I made these – they rock!!!! I took your advice – doubled the recipe, stashed some away and STILL my friends and my kids sniffed out the stash! I am about to make another double batch right now and I plan on doing that once every few weeks for the rest of my life so THANK YOU for the brilliant recipe – it’s everything you said it would be and I will cherish it always.
    Cheers from Oz

  46. Just tried these – they are in the oven right now…. Yummy!

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  48. AMAZING!! i just made them and they are SO good!

  49. Thank you so much! :)

  50. The cookies will be great, as long as I remember this second batch that’s in the oven, for I stupidly burnt the first ones. Lol, not exactly betty crocker here.

    What was even more interesting was the ongoing papyrus debate, I got a kick out of it, as well as learned what the hell it was! Knowing what I now know, I still contend the whole thing is ridiculous. Seriously, it’s a fucking cookie recipe, make the damn cookies, eat them or don’t, but who has time to criticize the font on the page? Ugh people these days.

  51. Hee! Apparently the debate is still on. Another commenter scoffed at my choice of font on my blackberry tart recipe….Amazingly? I haven’t lost any sleep over the whole thing. My site, my choice. Hopefully the recipes are more appealing than the choice of font.

  52. Okay 1st, YUMMY although I have only had the dough lol, but it’s good! The only thing I maybe would change, is the amount of sugar, I doubled the recipe, I would just put 3/4 of a cup instead of 1 full cup, kinda sweet, which for me is saying A LOT!
    2nd, You are hilarious!
    3rd, people really have to much time on their hands if they are picking apart your font choice, seriously people, find another hobby, k, I’m done :)
    Thanks again for the yummy recipe!

  53. f&*^k’n EH cookies……….( from Canada eh)


  54. Hee! Thanks for your comment, Corey. Up der in Minnesooooda, hey? We say, “hey” instead of eh.” But our accents are very similar. :D

  55. Thanks! I found your recipie through a google search. I tried them out yesterday and they were a big hit with my family.

  56. awesome cookies! found the recipe today. they are exactly what i was looking for. i love how sweet they are. doubling the recipe was a great suggestion… i’ll take some in to work tomorrow!

  57. These look amazing!
    Perfect for fall baking!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  58. I made them…I followed the insturctions and my cookies were dry. I was sad :( Thanks for the recipe!

    So glad I found this page. I have been searching for a long time for a pb cookie recipe that involves chips! Thanks!

  60. Made a double batch tonight. They look nothing like your pic .. but they are very good. My 17 yo son (he’s the one that requested them) is in heaven!! Thank you for the recipe.

  61. You should try 1c. PB, 1 egg, 1c. sugar, 1/2 c. choc. chips and 1tsp of vanilla. put it on 325 for about 10 min YUMMM!!!!

  62. they are REALLY good so try my recipe :)

  63. OMG I just made these, the dough is to die for so freaking gooood!

  64. Great recipe. I’m not sure which I like better, the dough or the cookies… ;)

    By the way, your writing is hilarious! Glad I found you.

  65. IMPORTANT NOTE!–Add extra sugar if you’re using natural PB! (I didn’t and mine are not sweet at all.)

  66. I made these, yes indeed they are delicious. However, check this out. I made 3 double batches for x-mas prezzies, one standard, and to the other 2 I added about 4 oz of Baker’s sweetened shredded coconut and marshmallows, eyeballing the marshmallows till I thought there were enough…not too many to overpower, but just enough to get at least one per cookie, and I made the cookies fairly small.

    OMG, sinfully delicious is everyone’s comment.

    Happy Baking

  67. Also wanted to mention that I reduced the cooking time to 6 mins and 30 sec, which may be too short depending on your oven, mine cooks a little on the hot side, I did adjust the temp for that, but I sort of par baked them, took them out when they were done, but not too done, marshmallows browned. Still quite soft and gooey to the point they had to sit in the pan for a minute to continue cooking till I could get them out w/o them falling apart, and they still had that sort of soft, faux raw-like dough texture in the center.

    I also added just a little more butter, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of a stick and decreased the flour to about 1 and 3/4 cups rather than 2 cups.

    The first batch of regular peanut butter/chocolate I made seemed to be too dense. Dunno if it is the low altitude, the flour, or ? I know the flour I used, Gold Medal All Purpose had been in the Freezer since last x-mas. Probably could use fresh, but all in all they turned out fine with a few tweaks for fun.

  68. WOW…. these are truly amazing. Exactly what I was looking for! I subbed margarine for butter to make them non-dairy, and in my convection oven they only needed to bake for about 8 minutes a batch (maybe I made them smaller too?). So yummy. Don’t know if they’ll last 24 hrs. I doubled the batch… but still. At least half a dozen disappeared from the cooling racks.

  69. After 9 minutes in the overn at 375, these were burnt to a crisp. I lowered the oven to 350 and baked the 2nd batch 11 minutes…perfect.

  70. These were great! The kids loved them! The peanut butter wasn’t quite that strong; I’d probably add more next time. They got a little burnt, so I cooked them for about 10 minutes. So good, thanks for the recipe!!!!

  71. mine just came out of the oven, i’d like to bathe in them. they are delicious. kudos.

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  73. Yessss these are the best cookies in the WHOLE world. And I make a lot of cookies. P.S. If you use natural peanut butter use the spreadable kind because otherwise it takes like cardboard. I myself prefer the Peanut Butter Co. Smooth Operator peanut butter ( O and one more thing to try. Melt some Nutella in the micro for like a minute, dip, refrigerate for about 20 minutes and you have yourself an instant crowd-pleaser folks.


  74. Really a awesome recipe to have and great stuff..

  75. I just made these. MMM MMM mMM soo good.


  77. personally i love how simplistic the ingredients are! i followed the link to the other cookies, they look okay a little to much going on.. if things can be broken down and made simpler then keep them there!! i made the recipe vegan very easily by using Earth Balance instead of butter and Ener-G egg replacer and they turned out great!
    however, Nikki, as much as i commend you for sticking by what you like, and i do!

    …. papyrus. man there are so many amazing fonts out there. but papyrus is not one of them, it is to graphic designers as “gormet microwave meals” are to a five star chef we cant help but notice. it started out cool when it first came out, but next time your out and about just keep your eyes open, ITS EVERYWHERE!! my husband and his friends actually have a game where they send each other cellphone photos of all the places they find it. its really horribly over used by every one for everything, but you do what fits you! (or go google free fonts and find something thats a little more unique..)

    Either way GREAT COOKIES!! <3

    .. and for the comments that may follow no, i have no other hobbies haha

  78. I Love this recipe, i keep coming back to it time after time. Each time, i do something a little different with it though, last time i used white chocolate chips. This time, i’m using chunky peanut butter. :) either way though, this is the best recipe i’ve used

  79. I just made these! Yum!!!!!!! Thanks so much!
    Note if you have a convection oven, go down the usual 25 degrees and check at 8-10 minutes as I burned the first round waiting til 12 (i also walked away like a dummy). Mine were perfect at 9-10. And I DO mean PERFECT!
    I also added a dash of cinnamon b/c I do that for most chocolate things.

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  81. AWESOME!!! I made them tonight!! Your right, I had to stash them away because my son wants to eat all of them!!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. The cookies were ok. Found them very sweet, as did my husband. The second time I made them I added shredded carrots and they were much better.
    (And of course my son loved them; but when do kids not love cookies lol)

  83. Surprisee adminstrator , i like with ur article.

  84. yummy!!! thank you :)

  85. I haven’t made these yet was wondering if anyone else had a problem printing this out? I ended up copy and pasting it. The link to print wanted to print like 20 pages!

  86. Made these cookies – my oven cooks hot so over cooked first batch – second batched turned out perfect – very good cookies!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  87. Having seen everyone’s comments about the time being a little off, I experimented. Between 10-11 minutes seemed like a good result. Cookies turned out great. I used cake flour rather than all-purpose just for a change.

    I have to say, though. The best part of this recipe was the taste and smell of the batter after the peanut butter went in, and before the flour thickened things up. Yummy!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this recipe. It’ll definitely be used again. :)

  88. Very tasty cookies indeed! I made them today, as I had a hankering for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. These hit the spot for sure!

    Thanks for sharing!

  89. Hi, The cookies were amazing but they kept falling apart, is there something I did wrong?

  90. hey nikki.. i’m a teen.. and u know how much teens luv sweet stuff. so i’m planning to make those cookies tonight.. i even told my mom to get me the ingredients.. they look so delicious and i’m sure that they taste in a way that’s way better than how they look =P keep it up..
    ps. if you noticed any grammar mistakes that r so obvious.. am sry cuz i’m a saudi arabian and i’m not that good in english =P lmao

  91. Hey i made the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Being from australia peanut butter isnt something we would normally put in cookies but they turned out great my son is taking them on his school camp. I would make them again.

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  93. Thanks for the recipe, it’s fabulous! I mentioned and linked you here:


  94. heyy thanks for the recipe ive used it many times but added my own stuff aswell i used crunchy peanut butter, some toffee crumbs, white chocolate, butterscotch, and semi sweet choco chips but thank u again for the great starting for the recipe and i tripled the recipe and i had the cookies gone in 2 days thank u so much

  95. These were just ok, mine turned out super greasy and they were not drop cookies – the batter was extremely stiff. They tasted pretty good, but they aren’t the best I ever had. Sorry. I used natural unsweetened peanut butter, maybe that’s why they were just ok and greasy.

  96. Can’t wait to try this recipe-however could you put a link in so just the recipe can be printed-I ended up with 31 pages….

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  98. just made these now, they were AWFUL. followed directions exactly and they had hardly any flavor. i don’t recommend.

  99. These are awesome!!! Hands down best peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe! Thank you so much!

  100. soooooooooooo theses are the bomd

  101. Yum. This recipe is a keeper! I love the simplicity of the ingredients, and that combination of “crunch” and “chewy” is amazing! I googled peanut butter chocolate chip recipes and almost tried another one until I saw it called for corn syrup. Clicked on yours, and glad I did!

    Hopefully you have another blog somewhere else…this one hasn’t been updated in a while. Good stuff here…

  102. these cookies are delicious. they were all gobbled up in less than 24 hrs. next time i will have to try doubling the recipe. so thank you for this great recipe it was a big hit at our house

  103. Hi, just calling from York, England to say these are the best cookies ever! Thank you for sharing! xxx

    By the way, Papyrus is a terrible font and anyone who uses is obviously a terrible person and I can’t believe you would do that, what a terrible person you are. I am of course joking. A graphic designer who feels the need to leave negative comments on a personal cooking site is clearly an unemployed graphic designer… get a job and a life, moron.

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  105. Making these tonight. My friend is coming over and she loves chocolate and peanut butter..

  106. Sooo glad I found this again, I made these a few months ago and were soo yummy! This time I am writing down the recipie!

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  108. Yep, they were delish…………This was my tester batch. My son will be the true test. Chocochip Pbutter cookies is his favorite. I hope they pass his approvel :-)

  109. Just made them amaaaaaaazing! Thank you thank you! My last batch of cookies turned into one large thin crust :( Now I’m being compared to Mrs Higgins! First time I’ve had peanut butter choc chip cookies but so converted now & the household is happy :D

  110. The first time I made these, I didn’t double the recipe…mistake! My family of 5 devoured them before I had my fill (which could easily have been most of the batch!). This time I doubled it and plan on hiding some away just for me! They are perfect!

  111. These are AMAZING! Have made the twice and both times friends could not get enough. Round 3 tonight for a girls dinner, serving them straight out of the oven with vanilla ice cream.

  112. Love love love the recipe…and glad I took your advice and made a double batch!!

  113. thank you so much for this recipe! i have made these more times than i can count, and they are my favorite! i like to do half chocolate chips and half pb chips. i always double the recipe, but they still never last more than three days!

  114. search for the tastiest peanut butter cookie recipe has ended!! So glad you were banned else I may never have found this recipe!! Thanks so much!! x

  115. I just made these!! AMAZING!!

  116. I’m making my second batch. The first were gone in a day. Love these things. Just a tip, I used the mini chips and they turned out great.

  117. I came accross your blog via a Google search at least a year ago. I was looking for the yummiest Chocolate Chip Peanutbutter cookies and I found them. Since then, they have become my oldest daughter’s favorite cookie to bake. She requests them whenever she wants to bake, and I include them as one of the many cookies in my holiday gift baskets. Thanks so much for sharing!

  118. Excellent. Thanks for sharing. Your story is hilarious and your cookie is divine. This cookie will be part of my Christmas Cookie countdown…
    Thanks for sharing. IF you had not been barred from the website, chances are I would never have found you and your recipe.

    Happy HOLIDAYS !
    HO HO HO !

  119. Cookies were great but don’t go into it expecting gooey cookies! These cookies are extremely crispy! Excellent for milk dippers.

  120. I was simply looking for a recipe that combined peanut butter cookies with chocolate chip and fell into a major discussion on fonts. The person who didn’t like your design and referred to it as “uneducated” shows his/her lack of same. I have a teaching degree, so I guess I’m considered “educated”, but I know nothing about fonts or designs and can barely use a computer. However, I do know a good recipe when I see it — and I can hardly wait to make these — if I have the ingredients, they’ll be in the oven shortly. By the way, I’m 65, so maybe I’m too old to understand this discussion, fortunately!!!! Just get a life, it’s too short, believe me!!

  121. These are amazing cookies! Easiest and best PB cookie recipe I’ve tried. This is the go-to from now on.

  122. Thanks for sharing, I just made these and they were truly the yummiest! :)

  123. I made these, and they are delish!!

  124. I just made these and they are GREAT!!!!

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  126. Totally would kill for a batch of these. Or five. Pity I can’t cook or bake worth shit. xD Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorites.

    On a side note, it would appear that your blog attracts a lot of douchebags. Unfortunate as it is, you can’t expect everyone to have something better to do than get online and insult people. :>

  127. For those of you interested, I tried to count the calories. I am not sure on the accuracy, but I just added the ingredients. The cookies were delicious (lasted barely 24 hours in my house). Link to the calorie estimator below.,19335,19334,1143,2050,16098,20081,18369,19080,2047,&amounts=23623,34588,34583,24003,24178,32086,34838,33717,34171,24171,&qtys=.5,1,.5,.21,1,.75,1,1,2,1,&servings=36&food=User%20Entered%20Recipe

  128. Just made these cookies they are yummy and they just melt in your mouth!!! Thank you for sharing your recipe loved it !

  129. I had the munchies last night and found this recipe, they were perfect, everything I was hoping for! Thanks for sharing!

  130. Just made these will mini m&ms and the boyfriend thinks im amazing!!! :) thanx for the recipe

  131. My kids and I just made these but with butterscotch chips instead of chocolate and they’re delicious!

  132. Is there any way to pin this to pinterest with the image? I can only get the ones on the side of the blog :(

  133. Nikki, not everyone has chosen the same destructive path as you have, mindless corporate Muppet, and not everyone wants to set the world ablaze with greed, extortion and squander.

    So please fix your “print recipe” script to omit the seventy odd pages of insipid comments.


  134. Awesome recipe – I have this page bookmarked. They’re the only cookies I ever make. I have two versions of them: normal and laced, plus i add some walnuts… Yummy!

  135. Hey! For some reason when i put them in the oven they started smoking like crazy after being in the oven for only 3 minutes! scared me to death and thought i was going to burn my house down! haha any idea as to why this might happen? did i do something wrong? thanks :)

  136. Still hot from the oven! Yum! We added walnuts. Scrummy!

  137. I just popped these in the oven! I hope I did everything right.. I doubled the recipe without writing the new measurements down, let’s hope I didn’t forget to double something!! :)

  138. Last batch just came out! They are sooo delicious.. Next time I might add nuts cuz hubby loves his nuts lmao I guess I make my cookies a tad smaller cuz I ended up with 7 1/2 dozen..

  139. These cookies are great. First thing that has satisfied my pregnant girlfriend in a while. Lol. And yes I baked them not her. Thanks for the reciepe.


  140. Hello I am your fan from Jakarta, Indonesia. Here during Idul Fitri Moslem Holy day, its a tradition to make cookies but most are actually from Dutch recipes – very small size, elegant but frankly difficult and long process. I tried this last year in small drops and they were a hit !!! I also made the usual size and my teenagers loved them. My son said mom you don’t have to buy famous amos anymore (it is very expensive?) :-)

    Thank you so much and I don’t care about the font – it works perfectly !

  141. I just made these wonderful little creations for my husband as “forgive me cookies”…girls like flowers, he likes peanut butter choc. chip cookies….i used the Tollhouse mini morsels instead of regular sized chips and OMG i could NOT stop snacking on the cookie dough…that being said BRAVO!!! You have shared a wonderful recipe better than make up sex! <3 Love it!

  142. Th
    Ese were way too dry and granular for me…going back to my usual recipe and just add choco was worth a try..I’m sure my husband will find these acceptable.

  143. I tried these last weekend. They were awesome. The dough was so tasty!! (and I normally don’t eat dough) I blogged about trying the recipe and gave links back to your site and credit to you. You can see the story here:

    Thanks. We made a quadruple batch and everyone loved them.

  144. First, thanks for the recipe… You never know if you’ll like it ’til you try it! I found these to be pretty terrible and ended up throwing them out. No crunch at all, no chewy either. Just dry and crumbly. The batter was good, though lacking in sweet. I used natural peanut butter, other than that, followed recipe exactly. Also, 375 is much too hot and 12 minutes too long. That’s easily adjustable, but overall, I wouldn’t make these again. Time for a new recipe!

  145. I substituted 1/2 cup of nutella for the peanut butter. Scrumptious!

  146. I just made these, and they are AWSOME!!!!! WOW!!!!! I made my cookies HUGE; that’s the way my family like them. So, I only got 6, yes 6, cookies out of the batch. I had to make another for friends, and with that one used dark chocolate. Since I was making them so big, I baked at 350,and it took about 17-18 minutes to cook through, but they did not burn, and were cooked all the way through. Thank you so much for sharing!

  147. OMG! Printed the recipe and got 20 pages of commentaries. This site needs a “Print Recipe” link.

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  149. Holy shit balls! I just made these cookies and omg they are sooooooooooo good!!! Thanks so much for this recipe. It is going in the “box” so I will have it forever!!! Yummy! ;)

  150. I found you via a Google search and these are now my daughter’s favorite cookies. Thanks!

  151. Just baked these – wow. Best pb chocolate chip cookies I’ve had. Quick, easy and awesome. Followed the recipe, no issues at all. I did use all natural pb since that’s all I had but turned out fine. Recipe is a keeper for me.

  152. Not usually one to comment, but had to leave a note to say Wow!! I never eat cookies because I don’t usually like them. I made these to put in a cookie jar as a Christmas gift and one broke so I tried it. Sooooo good! Especially all warm and gooey. Wow!
    Really great recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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  154. My girlfriend just made these and left this page open on my iPad, so I felt the need to reply. There will be none left for tomorrow. Even the batter before it went in was so creamy and smooth. These cookies are amazing.

  155. I just made these and they are by far one of the best tasting peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I have ever had, Yummy indeed!

    Thanks for posting the recipe.

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