Hello again! :)

Ya know…I kinda miss this place and all of you wonderful readers. I just went through the comments pages—-good GRIEF there was a ton of spam in there! I’m sorry if any of you had to suffer through any of it to get the the real comments on the posts. I’ve deleted most of the spammy comments. (I hope!)

I don’t know how many of you are members of Pinterest, but that site has really gotten me back into the kitchen (not that I left, really, more like fell into a creative rut) and trying new things and coming up with new ideas. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many bacon recipes and drinks and desserts, and blog links all together in one spot! lol Needless to say, I spend a lot of time there. hehe

This year I also started a little container garden on our patio. Here in the middle of the city, we don’t really have yards, but we are very fortunate to have a decent sized patio, where we keep most of the canaries, the turtle, and the pergola for summer dining. :) It’s about 2 by 3 meters (yards) total, and the ginormous grill is in the center of it, so that leaves little space for much else. That’s probably a good thing, though, as I’ve been learning what *not* to do and tending to various pest/disease issues that have come up over the course of the summer. Stupid white flies and aphids! grrr! I am quite proud of the lemon and nectarine trees, though….so far so good and keeping my fingers crossed!

The cherry tomatoes are thriving, and I think I’ll actually plant more of those soon. The first crop of zucchini looked great, but the female blossoms dried up and fell off, so we’re on to round 2, in a much bigger pot.

Green beans, peppers (especially the cayennes) and snow peas did fairly well, and I was able to harvest and eat vegetables that I grew in my own garden! I’ve also got loads of fresh herbs that seem to be doing alright—well, except for the oregano. I don’t know why it’s dying. Aphids killed my spearmint (thugs), and some disgusting green worms did a number on the basil, too. The rosemary, lavender, chives, thyme, dill and garlic are doing great, though.

One pleasant surprise is the artichoke plant. It’s growing from seed and is quite large already, though according to sources on the net I shouldn’t expect to harvest anything the first year. That’s ok, it’s a gorgeous plant as it is.

Do you guys have any experience with container gardening? I’d love your tips and tricks for success.

19 Responses to “Hello again! :)”

  1. I don’t have any tips, unfortunately, but I do wish I had a nectarine tree on my porch! The pics are lovely, and they’re making me hungry!

    Welcome back, Nikki.

  2. Love your blog! We have a raised bed garden and thankfully we haven’t been bothered by any pests (fingers crossed). We planted some corn this year, so will see how that does. Wish I could have a lemon tree, but don’t think it’d survive in the frozen north (Montana)!

  3. Well, hello, stranger! We have mostly shade here at home so no tips from me. We did have a huge garden (no containers) out at our farm last summer but i just showed up at harvest time! It looked like a lot of work. Ha!

  4. Yay! It’s good to see you back!
    I’m not much use on container gardens, my containers are all dismal this year because we’ve had higher temps and we’re currently in a drought. My poor containers are just droopy and sad.
    I’m jealous of your cayennes though. I made and canned a bunch of pepper jelly to serve over cream cheese with crackers last year. That stuff was wildly popular, but my peppers were in containers. Sadness.

  5. Welcome back! You may inspire me to return as well — a lot harder now that we have a toddler at home. ;)

  6. Hello!
    Soooo happy to see you are back, I was worried something had happened to you. I love love your blog and your food pictures. You are an amazing inspiration! Please keep blogging, writing, cooking, gardening etc!!
    A big fan in Laredo, TX :)

  7. So glad you are around. Please share what you’ve been cooking. I’m starving!!!

  8. Hi, first time reader, but I love the blog! About the oregano, my girlfriend and I started growing this as well as basil, majoram, thyme, rosemary, chives and others. We had a problem with the thyme and oregano and then found it to be a root problem. We repotted the oregano to be an inch deeper for the root system, put in a fresh garden spike for nutrients, and it is taking off now! Hope this helps! Keep up the great blog! (And I agree about Pinterest!)

  9. Oh, and to keep away aphids and the like, you can plant some citrus smelling flowers/plants to draw their attention from your main herbs, this worked well for us. We’ve done this on a patio a little larger than yours for a couple years in Denver with great success. We even were able to plant an orange mint with minimal damage due to citrus smelling plants on the other side of the patio. I recommend orange mint for a herb as well, It tastes like candied orange with hints of mint and lavender, great for cooking! I ramble…lol. Anyway, hope your garden thrives!

  10. Hi. Just found your site while searching for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (which I plan to make) ). Not only do I like the look of your recipe, but I like your attitude, too. But I am curious as to which recipe site you were banned from?

  11. welcome back nikki we whom welcome to you again

  12. I’m a big fan of your site and am happy to see a new post!

  13. Love your recipes, made best papas&mojo following those couple years back and about to try again.

  14. welcome back i really want to know the new recipe thanks

  15. Dear I miss you so much, hope you back again, I LOVE YOUR BLOG, when you can visit me:))))

  16. Haven’t really heard from you since the days of VOX…

  17. thanks for good comments

  18. I was really worried too. Does this mean that we have to follow you on Pinterest (I never really got the hang of that)?.

    Please keep blogging. By the way, I am the reader who went to the Canary Islands a few years ago and you gave me a list of restaurants and then I sent you back some. Went back last year. love the place!

    Keep blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Good to see you are well and happy! I have been afraid to get into pinterest. Out here in the country, internet time is unpredictable and intermittent. Hope life for you and yours is good. Cheers!

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